Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Perfect Family Day

Will is getting so much fun. I have loved all of Will's ages, thinking that each one is the best, and life could not get any better. Then, he'll reach a new age, and I have to revise my thinking.

He is so engaged lately. And his mind. . . gosh, it works so fast! He hears and sees things that I just wouldn't otherwise notice. He found his shadow today, and spent a good 15 minutes "getting to know" it.

Yesterday, we decided to go in search of airplanes. Will loves airplanes and will stop whatever he's doing at the sound of one. Even if he can't see it (we're inside, for example), he will throw his hands up and yell, "Airplane!"

We ending up taking him to the Boeing Future of Flight Museum. Unfortunately, he was too short to meet the minimus requirements for the official tour (it's 4 feet, so gonna be awhile) but we still got to explore the museum and observation tower where you can see the planes landing. There wasn't a lot of traffic on a late Saturday afternoon, but we still saw a few small planes land and you could hear air traffic control over a loudspeaker.

After the museum, we went to a teppenyaki restaurant that we've been meaning to try. If you've never been to one (or don't even know what the heck I am talking about), it's where the chefs come out and cook right in front of you on the grill. They slice, dice, chop, fry, and even do a little flame. Will was enchanted! He was a little unsure of the fire part, but that was over soon and he didn't cry, just leaned back from the flames. And he LOVED the food. He shoveled in my fried rice and veggies with both hands.

It was such a full day, that our little guy was exhausted when we got home. After a quick tubby and stories, he was off to bed and M and I watched a movie before I headed up to bed. I am feeling much better, but still find that a good night's rest is essential to feeling good the next day. Will doesn't understand that I am tired and he keeps me so busy. At least if I am rested, I have the energy to run around after him!

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