Friday, January 1, 2010

Don't or Do-ppler?

So, last time, I didn't get a doppler. I was too worried that I would use it incorrectly and scare us needlessly if I couldn't get a heartbeat.

But we are now entering that phase where I could hear a heartbeat via doppler any old time I wanted to and thus avoid a lot of unncessary worrying. I have to admit, I am tempted.

What I would like to know from you is:

1) What were your experiences with the doppler? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

2) Did you rent or buy yours?

3) Where did you rent or buy yours?



PamalaLauren said...

1) I too am debating getting one, I'm what 15 weeks today. Anyhow I think for me it may cause more issues than not. Although it would be nice to ease some fears with one. I'm waiting for my appointment in 2 weeks before I make a decision.
2) Rent. Buying would be a waste. They run nearly 400 bucks (the good ones) although you can purchase one for like 40 on Amazon which the girls on babycenter say are pretty good (not the AngleSound).
3)Renting wise the girls on babycenter are partial to and or just buy one on Ebay or Amazon.

Elise Ford said...

Hi Katie, I rented one when I was pregnant with my Will. I loved it - it really gave me peace of mind in my second trimester before I could feel consistent, reassuring kicks! I never had a problem finding his heartbeat. I don't think it ever took me more than 60 seconds to find it. I rented from I chose babyfm because they charge by the day - the doppler I rented was .85/day. I specifically chose the "low end" doppler - the one without the display - because I knew otherwise I would make myself crazy googling the baby's heartrate every time I used it. Which would totally defeat the purpose of having the doppler to begin with! Good luck - I hope whatever you choose to do brings you peace of mind!

Geohde said...

Awesome awesome awesome things.

I had both heartbeats at 9.5 weeks.

There is a knack to it early, but I am always good for email tips on technique.

I got a second hand cheapie off of ebay and it was fabulous. Highly recommend :)


Debby said...

yes! it saves so much stress and is well worth the monthly rental fee for just a couple of months til we can feel baby moving and grooving. I got mine from and it should be here monday! ordered same one last time around and was pleased with it...heart strong heartbeat at 11weeks.

christine said...

Hi bought a brand new one Hi-Bebe from ebay for 100 dollars. The best 100 I ever spent. I used it for 2 pregnancys and loaned it to a friend twice. I say DO IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Get one- it will make you feel so much better ( or at least it did for me). Jeff bought one for us on Craigslist for $100, and it is used, hospital grade.

A friend of mine borrowed it from me, but she is in the third trimester now... let me see if I can get it from her and I'll mail it to you to borrow! Stay tuned. :)

Amanda said...

I'm debating the same thing, once I get far enough along. I'm going to stalk your comments on this one.

Good luck with your decision!

Abc said...

I guess I am the dissenting opinion because I wouldn't (but then again I haven't been down the same road with losses so that may explain- though my first midwife tried to DNC at 6 weeks when she couldn't find the HB on my first).

For me, by the time I figured I could figure out where the HB was, I could feel kicking. Plus, I know I would be checking all the time and freaking out if I couldn't find the HB.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh YES YES YES. I loved my doppler and it totally saved my sanity.

When I was early on, it sometimes took me a while to find the heartbeat, but if I was patient enough, I always could. (In other words, I never had to run off to the doctor in tears because the baby was hiding or something.) And then when I had lots of practice, I could just smack that thing on my belly and hit the heartbeat right off.

I bought mine. It was about $100, off Amazon. Don't spend less than that (unless you buy used or something) because the cheaper ones aren't dopplers, just microphones pretending to be dopplers and they don't work until 24 weeks or something. I think mine was the HiBebe brand or something like that. I looked at renting, but figured that if I used it for more than one, it would save me in the long run.

Michele said...

My in laws bought us one with Nick and Sophie. We used it with our babies and it was a wonderful stress reliever.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I had/have one. I was really glad I did. I was able to find the h/b the first time I tried with Harry, and only had any trouble once (usually, I found it within 30 seconds -- and the placenta was in the front, which should have made it harder).

I bought mine -- I think it was about $75. It was a stork radio, but bought on eBay rather than bought from stork radio. Oddly, though, it was stork radio selling it on eBay, just much more cheaply than they sell direct, though they seem to have raised the price in the past two years.

I loaned it out to a friend a few weeks ago or I'd offer to send it to you!

Katie said...

Thanks for all of the advice, ladies, especially on brand/where to get. Lesley, I would be glad to give you some money for it, so let me know!

A'Dell said...

I rented one from babybeat or bellybeats or something like that. It was pretty cheap and I liked having it.

It gave me some comfort but mostly it was the novelty of WHOA LISTEN TO THAT!

Fun pregnancy memories.

Novelty/safety aspect wore off once I could feel baby kicking though. She was a consistent kicker and I found that once I could feel her I didn't listen any more.

Get one for the iniital period - it's like $35 or something - and if you aren't digging it, send it back early.

Anonymous said...

I borrowed one from a friend -- it's a lifesaver. At the beginning (well, from around 14 weeks or so) I used it every day - got pretty good at finding the heartbeat quickly, then I could move on with my day.
Now that the baby is moving a lot, I only use it about once a week, but that thing saved my sanity. I would definitely recommend one.


Jen said...

I didn't get a doppler last time or this time. I'm just too nervous about not finding the heartbeat, but I've heard from tons of other women who love it.

A New Beginning said...

I bought one and it was the best thing I have ever done. I had lots of mental issues during and after my pregnancy, and I used the doppler to reassure myself instead of going to have an ultrasound done.

Now, I did use it after I had had something sweet and of course the baby's heart rate was higher, but it sent me into a panic because I thought it was too high.

But overall, yes, I loved it!