Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

It's that time again, time to put all the random thoughts in my head in bullet point form. . . head over to Danifred's to join in the fun!
1. I am obsessed with stroller shopping and looking on Craigslist. I just know the perfect stroller is out there for us, at a reduced price!

2. I am hiring a mother's helper. It is harder than I expected. I have had an interview no-show, two interviews with people that I will not be hiring, and one candidate that was promising, but then got another job offer.

3. I am debating whether or not to just quit my parttime job and nix the mother's helper idea. I don't think I am going to be able to keep working once the baby is here, and I won't have worked for them for a year, so I don't think they will want to give me a few months off to acclimate (and I don't blame them).

4. Oh, and I still haven't told my boss that I am pregnant. I work 100% from home, so I probably wouldn't ever have to tell him. But I probably should. Sometime soon.

5. Have I even mentioned my part time job here on the blog before? I am not sure. It's a great job, I really lucked into something great. I get paid well, it is not difficult work, and my boss is great to work for. So I really don't want to throw the opportunity away. But I also know when I am in over my head and newborn + Will + work from home job + no maternity leave = in over my head.

6. Will's belly is super cute. I love changing his diaper just to get a look at that adorable little belly. I just might be unable to avoid kissing it. He likes kissing my belly, too.


Ms. J said...

I'd hold out as long as you can before telling the employer, so you can prove to them you can handle it. Or, if you want to tell them, do so in conjunction with a plan of how you will continue to handle both your job and home responsibilities, including while on maternity leave during the early weeks.

Lil Pumpkin loves kissing my belly, too. And loves taking out her play dr. kit and examining it. When we left for my biz trip on Sunday she whined that she wanted me to "leave my baby sister with me, don't take her PLEASE!!!!"

I like to do this thing where I repeatedly kiss LP, like 20-30 times in a row, all over her head and shoulders, and say "I just can't help myself!" and she giggles. As she said goodbye to my belly on Sunday, she actually said aloud, after planting 8 rapid-fire kisses, "I just can't help myself!" Definitely an AWWWWWWW moment in which I melted :o)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I am quite interested in your stroller shopping. You'll have to keep me updated on what you find. Also, how much is that dream stroller because I find myself daydreaming about it while I walk in the mornings.

Katie said...

For a single, with NO attachments, it is $499. To make it a double is $189 more and then if you want any accessories (think belly bar, rain cover, parents' console, snack tray for kiddos, etc.) it costs even more. I figured to get what I absolutely NEED (extra seat, parents console, and rain guard) we are looking at $700. I can't justify spending that much on a stroller, much as I do LOVE it.

Danifred said...

Oh how I love a little baby belly action. Nom, nom, nom, nom.
I will also be interested in learning about the stroller you finally decide on. I love hearing from other moms what they think is worth it!

Anonymous said...
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Michele said...

From the SAHM standpoint, I love it. I really cant imagine anything else. I loved my job as a librarian but nothing beats being able to watch them when they sleep. Or see them talking to each other. Or the countless other things.

Should you want to keep working, I agree with Ms. J. Let them know that you can handle it and how you plan on doing so. That will make the transition easier.