Thursday, April 5, 2012


I honestly have to step away from my computer a lot. Because when I read things like this blog, it makes me so angry, I see red. It also causes me pain, because it brings back all of the horrible memories of losing my sweet angel babies. It causes me pain, because I can just think of the hurt it must cause others.
I think my real issue with this blog isn't even the content (though that is enough to infuriate me). It is the arena in which it was published. When I was TTC, I turned to many times. I was on their boards a lot. When I finally got my RLB*, I continued to frequent the site. So it breaks my heart to think that someone currently suffering a loss or infertility would read something like this in a place where they had come to find support.
I have contacted (which you can do through this link) and requested that this blogger be removed from their featured blogger program or, at the very least, she be required to print a real apology and retraction (and yes, I know, she already wrote a post in which she stands by her original blog, with some clarification). In the meantime, I will be boycotting the site. I will give it a few days, but if they do not take action, I will also start contacting their sponsors to alert them to that this type of material is being published in this forum.
I do believe in freedom of speech, but I also believe it is a great responsibility that should be carried out with compassion and grace whenever possible. I also fully believe that this blogger knew exactly what she was doing and that she did it with intent (her headline is inflammatory, which she even admits, but notice, does not change and her request for feedback even throws out the acknowledgment that she might be called a Nazi - to be clear, I am not, nor will I consider, calling this woman a Nazi).
In any case, I feel a very deep need to exercise my own freedom of speech and to protect those mothers who have lost a baby (or more). So please join me if you agree.