Saturday, February 20, 2010

Planes, Trains, and a Big Ol' Belly

I really did pop out in just a week. It still really depends on what I am wearing but it's impossible to hide the belly completely. I think I look pregnant, but I was at a baby shower today and no one could tell and seemed shocked when I told them I am almost 18 weeks pregnant. One of my girlfriends was there and kept telling me that I was "so much bigger" by this time when I was pregnant with Will.

Again, it makes a difference what I am wearing, but I think I look about the same. Maybe a teensy bit bigger with Will. But I also weighed about fifteen pounds more at the time (thanks, IF/RPL/ART/IVF/Depression Eating Weight), so I think that might account for some of it. I am still in pre-pregnancy jeans and there was no way that I would have been able to fit these same jeans at 18 weeks last time.

For comparison, here are two pictures of me at 18 weeks pregnant with Will.
And here are the pictures of me this time at (almost) 18 weeks pregnant.

I think it's pretty close and not a dramatic difference. Not that it really matters. I am gonna get huge. I just think it's funny that people remember me being so much bigger last time.

Now, I know that Jen requested a belly picture of Will every time I did a belly picture of myself, but he happened to be sleeping when I took these. So, you'll just have to settle for a picture of a cute boy on a train! He is wearing his very favorite shirt which has airplanes and helicopters on it. If it's clean, he is wearing this shirt lately. Helicopter is his latest word.


Amy said...

Um you look amazing and your hair doo is bomb! SO CUTE! And what's up with Will looking just like a Brad Pit and Angilena baby...seriously, a good lookin little tot!

Anonymous said...

You look terrific! Such a cute bump! And Will is just adorable - what a sweetheart.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I think you look fantastic. :)

I will settle for a cute boy on a train. But only this once!

Sunny said...

Cute!! The belly, the boy, all of it. :) I agree, the difference between this pregnancy and last is pretty negligable. People have distorted perceptions of pregnant women, I guess. In the same day, I'd have someone tell me I was "tiny" and someone else say I looked full term and wouldn't last much longer with the twins. Whatevs!!

Danifred said...

Initially, I was gianormously bigger the second time around, but eventually it all evened out.
It'll be interesting to see if having a boy/ girl makes any difference in comparison to your pregnancy with Will.

peesticksandstones said...

This comparison is very interesting. I look back and still can't believe the journey my body went through in pregnancy. I'm so curious to see how next time might be different (please, please, please let there be a next time!).

Will it totally rocking that shirt -- what a cool little man. I hope my son is into helicopters. And tools. I LOVE the "little handyman" themed crap. So far he's just knocking his singing "My First Workbench" over and trying to chew the legs. Oh well.

Thanks again for your amazing comments on my blog. You always make my day... and make me feel much more normal.

Anonymous said...

You look great! I love the pictures of Will's train ride. He's so precious. I can't wait until he's a big brother! :)