Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

It's Friday, which means that it's time to put forth all of the randomness in my life that doesn't qualify for a post of its very own. Want to play along? Go see Danifred!

1) It has been sunny this week, which is about as weird here in February as all the snow is everywhere else. It has been nice taking walks, going to the park, and just seeing that bright yellow ball in the sky rather than the omnipresent gray drizzle.

2) I really want a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks with a snickerdoodle cookie. Now, I could go get the mocha when Will gets up from his nap but the snickerdoodle will be a bit more difficult as they no longer sell them in our area. But, dang, those snickerdoodles were good and I would really like one right now.

3) Will has been grabbing my face or arm lately when he is angry or frustrated. He grabs hard, too. It is like a big pinch with his whole hand. I keep firmly telling him "NO" and doing timeouts, but the problem is, he is usually so riled by this time that it ends up in a huge crying fit and the timeouts are not really effective. Like other issues we've had with him (biting, for example), I am sure it's a passing phase, but I am eager for it to be over with.

4) My mom was really not very supportive about Will being a boy. I am learning that sometimes the best defense is just not bother defending myself. I talked to my mom this week and asked her if she was going to be able to have a better reaction this time if it's a boy. She said she "would try" which is my mom-speak for "no." So I just flat out told her that if the phone didn't ring on Monday, she would have her answer. I was not mean about it, but I was matter of fact, and told her that it would really hurt my feelings and damage our relationship if she reacted negatively again. She agreed with me that it was the right decision and I will e-mail her the stats about the baby if it's a boy and call her if it's a girl. It makes me a bit wistful that this is the way it is, but I don't want anything to spoil the magic of finding out the gender of Sweet Pea.

5) My belly popped out last weekend and I am definitely showing now. I need to take more belly pictures but I can't find my camera. When I do, I will take and post some.


Danifred said...

I loved Starbucks Broccoli scone- yes, it sounds weird, but warmed up, it was to die for!!!!

Funny, my mom had the same type of negative reaction when I told her that Bean was a girl. I found it amazing that it even mattered to her. Don't let anything ruin your excitement on Monday :)

Sunny said...

I had a fight with my mom, too, after we found out we were having twins boys, thus closing the door on me ever giving her a granddaughter. She swears she wasn't disappointed, but she kept making these comments about how I "could" be having a girl and how girls don't leave their mothers like boys do, etc. etc. I was a (double) hormonal pregnant woman and it set me off! Personally, I'm just thankful to be having the family I so wanted. I'm sorry she's depriving you of the happy moment of sharing your baby's gender with her, but it sounds like you've set some healthy, much-needed boundaries. So excited for you!!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Want to call me instead? I like both kinds of babies. :)

I've been wanting homemade chocolate chip cookies. But I don't feel like making them.

Rebecca said...


Who cares what flavor your baby is? It's a baby...they're all yummy!

Just you do a warning before the time-out? It takes a while, but mine have gotten to the point where just a mention of a time-out in my warning is enough to make them think twice. The pinching is ridiculously hard though!

Jules said...

Had an impromptu Starbucks today (girls were cabin-fever fussy - or I was, either way)

That's a bummer - my family was so excited for "twins" they didn't care what the gender.

Laura said...

Bummer about your mom. That stinks, but sounds like you are prepared for it.

Mmmmm...White Chocolate Mocha sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your mom. That just hurts everyone.

Can't wait for the belly pics and the baby flavor!

Chrystal said...

Sorry about your mom. My son bites me when he is mad at me and time out is so not working. Hopefully it is a phase. I miss starbucks. I will have to make a trip tomorrow.

Jen said...

I love snickerdoodles but it is so hard to find (or make) them so that they are soft in the middle. I like my cookies doughy!

That kind of irritates me about your mom. I've been really lucky for the most part, and people haven't made too many comments about how we should try for a boy after Hayden is born. I'm just so happy at the prospect of having two girls that hopefully my enthusiasm rubs off on people. And you know, it isn't something you can control so if they are disappointed people should at least be polite enough to try and hide it!

I just fail to see how two boys would not be every bit as fun as a boy and girl!

Adriane said...

I am so sorry about your Mom. I know that my Mom was way more excited that I had two girls vs. boys. She admitted it. I was (and still am) very bothered by it.

OK, the pinching thing? I don't know what to do! My girls hit each other and one of them hits anything in her way when she's frustrated. It kills me. We are non-hitters, so not sure where they learned this, but it's tough. I am going to check back your comments on advice - I need some, too!

Post some belly pics! :-)

Anonymous said...

White chocolate mocha . . . yummy! I have been craving one for awhile, and fear that I now must give-in.

And I had to go back and read the post about your Mom finding out Will's gender, and I am completely appalled! Why on earth would she think it was even remotely okay to react that way?! I think your strategy for Monday sounds great, and I personally can't wait to hear that you have a healthy baby!

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

I am impressed that you problem solved that out with your mom. I think I would be very irrational about it.

Just like everyone else is saying - don't let it ruin the news for you on Monday! Miracles are miracles and you have yourself a miracle in that belly that just popped! So fun when the belly finally pops and you "look" pregnant!
Cute blog!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I was mad for you last time with the mom situation, and I'm annoyed for you again (I seem to have toned down my vicarious emotions over time :) I get that other people care, I just don't get why they get to act disappointed (as opposed to keeping their emotions in check).

Serenity mentioned a "mad spot" in a recent post, an idea I liked a lot and will probably use when Harry starts to need one. I wonder if that would help Will manage being a little guy with big feelings (even though I'm sure this specific phase will pass soon).