Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

It's that time of the week again. Time for Friday Night Leftovers!

1) I am going to quit my job. It's the only thing that makes sense after examining all of the angles. I am not good at quitting things, it makes me uncomfortable and I always feel guilty. Wish me luck.

2) Will has not gone in the potty once since the first day we had it! He has made many attempts and looks ridiculously adorable sitting there trying, but nada.

3) My husband reads my blog and has taken issue with the fact that I credited the clock guy with gluing all of the pieces back together on the clock. He did that himself, so I am printing a retraction.

4) Sigh. I am tired of "morning sickness."

5) Would any of you lovely ladies that like to clean come and clean my house for me? Pretty please. With sugar on top. I will pay you in unconditional love and gratefulness. I will cook for you! Hmmmmm? No takers? Okay, I am going to have to clean it myself, then, and I warn you, I wouldn't be as good at it as you. What? You are too smart for that reverse psychology stuff and I am going to have to clean my house on my own? Yeah. That's what I thought.

6) Would anyone like a sometimes-well-behaved dog is size large or small? Or a cat perhaps? There is a lot of animal in this house. I am just kidding about this, of course, but sometimes I wonder how I will handle 2 kids + 3 animals.

7) Will met his first "bully" yesterday. I will probably post more about this next week, but it was tough to watch and hard to know how to handle. I am not sure I did a great job. Man, this parenting business can be hard.
Everyone have a great weekend!


peesticksandstones said...

I'm so behind in my blog reading, but what a treat yours is these days -- so many juicy and fun posts.

Good for you on making a decision to quit -- it's surprisingly hard, isn't it? I hope you're able to enjoy a sense of relief after you do it, and get over the guilt part immediately (easier said than done, I know).

Can't wait to see where the potty training goes. As Coleman outgrows his Bumbo, I am tempted to get him one of those adorable smiling potty chairs to just hang out on while I use the bathroom and try to keep him out of trouble. I think he'd probably try to pick it up and chew on it, though.

Wish I could come help you clean! I actually love tidying the house. I find it helps to treat myself to those 'gourmet' cleaning products (like Method eucalyptus toilet cleaner)to really motivate me. So lame and sad, but true!

Hope YOUR weekend is awesome.

Ms. J said...

Weighing in on the bully thing . . . our rule with Lil Pumpkin has always been this: if another kid pushes her, hits her, cuts in front of her - she is to do the same back to them. We don't take any crap, and I get sick of the other parents saying "Now, now, little innocent Joshua, don't do that, hee hee!" BULLSH*T! Your little darling with learn from my kid that force or rudeness will be met with equal strength.

Usually what happens is the first time a kid does this to her she looks at me and points at them, all offended and indignant. I call her over, ask her "what do we do if someone pushes us on purpose?" and she replies "push them back." I say "Yes, so the next time that boy/girl does that, you remember that, before you come to me and expect me to fix it. I know he/she was wrong, honey, but you need to take care of it yourself in case Mummy or Daddy aren't there next time when it happens."

(Now, I know LP is a bit older than Will, of course). LP knows the difference between an accident (kid bumps into her) and purposeful shoving, lest anyone get concerned.

I am not great at cleaning, but I'd be happy to fly out and organize your house & cupboards in exchange for food! Hmmm, 'cept they won't let me fly right now. Okay, YOU come out her and cook for me, exchange some recipes with Dr. J (no slouch in the kitchen himself!) and then since I will be in your area about the time you are due, I will come by and organize your house, and even clean a bit ;o)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I acknowledge your retraction.

See, you need to move down here. There is a nice house for sale down the street. Then I will help you clean because that is fun.

Sunny said...

1) Good for you for making the tough decision! I hate quitting too, but after your last day, you'll never look back.

5) I could send my mom. Our house has never been so clean for so long!

6) I am having the same worries. We only have 1 dog, but I know there's no way I can meet her needs (she is a needy one) while caring for 2 infants and a toddler all by myself. Gulp.

7) Toddler bullies are the worst! We had a problem with that in our MOMS Club... I didn't even want to go to some events because of how awful this kid was. It is one of the tough things about parenting, I hate it. :P

Laura said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are still having issues with morning sickness. I had m/s the whole time with Kate. It was miserable and made it hard to enjoy being pregnant. Anyway, have you found anything that helps? If you want any suggestions feel free to email me and I'd be happy to tell you what I tried. Rest as much as you can, and take care!

Trish said...

Don't feel bad about the lack of potty training. My daughter will be three next month and she is still hit and miss. She uses it about 75% of the time for pee, but NEVER for pooping.

Danifred said...

Yes, I too dislike cleaning, the animals in my house and bullies. We should commiserate.

Congrats on the decision to quit your job. Sometimes I think that coming to some sort of closure is the hardest thing to do, regardless of the decision itself :)

Beth said...

Katie, I would totally come clean your house, if we were a time zone or two closer to each other! I'm so much better at cleaning others' houses than my own. I used to be a Molly Maid. Seriously....turns out it paid well (in college), had great hours, and I was good at it!

On the animal front, I can't take yours, but would you take mine? There is not enough room in our 1145 sq ft house for neurosis on 4 legs. Ugh. A good friend of mine told me before I delivered my first, "you'll never love your dog the same way after kids". I laughed and dismissd the thought. But...truer words were never spoken. Unfortunately for our first fur-baby, she's always the lowest "man" on the totem pole nowadays.

No worries about the potty. The best advice I received about potty training was not to push it ~ "you've never seen a groom walk down the aisle in diapers!". My oldest was just recently trained @ 3.5. Granted, probably a bit on the later side, but it was more me than him. And the advantage of him being older was that he "got it" in about 24 hours with only a handful of accidents since November. Awesome to introduce it to will so early, and don't be discouraged!

Congrats on making the decision regarding your job. Bummer, yes. But I can't imagine it will be one that you regret.

Lastly, but not least, I'm sorry that you're still dealing with "morning sickness". It just plain sucks, doesn't it?! Blahh..

Happy weekend. I hope you enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with quitting! It is so hard to walk away from something that you are so invested in, and I hope you are able to find peace in your decision.

And good luck with the potty training! Even if he hasn't actually gone potty on the seat, it sounds like you are off to a good start in him wanting to sit on it!

Anonymous said...
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Stepping On Cheerios said...

I know what you mean about the quitting thing. I've always found it difficult to quit even things I hated!