Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bits & Pieces

We are having a nice visit with my sister. Will is enchanted with his "Auntie" and it makes my heart lighter that she will be here to watch him while I am in the hospital having Emma. It's just good to know that he'll be in good hands. She has been reading stories, playing ball, and generally just spoiling him with a lot of love and attention.

Tonight, she helped with the bedtime routine, which includes a tubby, brushing teeth, and stories. After that, she left so that M, Will, and I could do our "peek-a-boo" goodnight kisses, where he and Daddy close the door, then I open it for one kiss. . . then repeat for two kisses. . . and then a third door shut and open, then kiss goodnight. After the second door opening, he gave me my kiss, but then looked around for my sister, who had already headed downstairs.

"Auntie?" he called. Of course, she immediately came back for the rest of the two kisses. It was precious.

My sister and I have also gotten out for a bit of sister bonding time. We went to Target last night and then for brow waxes this afternoon. Then she watched Will while M and I went to Lowe's and Babies R Us. Oh, the exiting life we lead! In fact, as we headed home after our little outing, I said to M, "What did we do before we had Will?"

He responded that we used to do a lot of nothing and eat out a lot. I asked if he missed it and he replied that sometimes he did miss those carefree days a little bit. . . but never enough to trade the life we have now for those days. I whole heartedly agree.

We had a fun dinner which included milkshakes. . . Will's first! He was definitely a huge fan. He also ate his first "on a bun" hamburger. He liked the milkshake a bit better, but he also chomped several bites down of the burger.

I also got a sweet little Osh Kosh dress for Emma at Fred Meyer. They are doing 70% off clearance prices, so it was $5. It is a Christmas dress in green, red, and pink plaid, complete with a bow. It's six month size and should fit her perfectly at that time of year. I can't wait to see her in it!

It's been a really nice weekend. And we still have a whole day to go!


Ellemes said...

I sometimes miss the drop-it-all-and-head-out days before Roo, but I wouldn't give up one of these days either to have those back.

HereWeGoAJen said...

We used to go out to eat more, but that has always been one of our weaknesses.

The kisses story melted me! Ack, the cuteness!

Anonymous said...
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