Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blessings Abound

So, my mom.

I called her and she was pretty excited. She told me that she was glad because she had just walked in the door with two bags of little girl clothes she just "couldn't resist." She also added that now she could tell me how excited she was and not have to pretend.

My dad wasn't home (he was substitute teaching), so I asked her not to tell him and to have him call me when he got home. When the phone rang at 4:30 and I saw it was my parents' number, I answered it and it was my mom.

She proudly told me that she hadn't told my dad. She then proceeded to tell me that she had spoken to my grandmother who was "thrilled it is a girl!" And my dad was right there, so of course, she ended up being the one to tell him. Not a really big deal, just my mom's usual behavior.

I talked to my dad after that and told him the name. He is happy for us. My mom then got back on the phone and asked me "how sure" we were about the sex because she has known several people that have been told girl only to later find out boy.

M pressed the tech pretty hard for a definite answer. She responded that they are never 100% sure, but that they won't say unless they are "clinically" sure. With Will, the gender was really obvious, and she looked for a long time before making her call. She even had the radiologist come in for a second opinion. He spent most of the time looking at the heart, but also took a quick glance at the netherregions and didn't change the gender determination. Only time will tell for certain, but I feel pretty confident that Sweetpea is a girl. So, that's what I told my mom.

We went to the store with Will in the afternoon and bought a Little Sister onesie as well as a Big Brother In Training t-shirt for Will. They are so cute!

He is also patting my belly now and saying, "Hi, baby!" We are trying to teach him to say, "Emma!" But he keeps saying "Mama" instead. He has some time to learn.

It is really starting to sink in how incredibly lucky we are to have an amazing little boy and a healthy little girl on the way. I feel incredibly fortunate and so very blessed.


Danifred said...

How exciting- both that your mom behaved and for your fabulous news! (And girls clothes are SO much fun.)

Sunny said...

Man, now your mom is making ME feel bad about having three boys! She'd have to "pretend" to be excited about another grandson? That makes me really, really sad. :(

But still happy :) about your good news yesterday!

Ohio Nurse said...

Do you think your mom is going to be so ecstatic over the little girl that Will gets pushed aside in her eyes? That would be awful.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I am just so excited for you! I think you are truly blessed too.

Ellemes said...


While it stinks your mom makes those comments - I do agree that little girl's clothes are hard to resist!

heartincharge said...

So happy for you! I'm grinning at my laptop!

Jen said...

I'm so excited for you guys. And I'm probably biased in the girl department but I think they are a lot of fun.

I'm just curious whether your mom's excitement rubs you the wrong way just a bit. It would be nice to feel like she was simply excited about you having another baby rather than having a baby girl.

Red said...

I just caught up on the healthy scan and gender determintation - congratulations! The one thing I missed by not having had a girl is the girl clothes - enjoy the shopping!