Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

This week seemed to go by pretty fast and, once again, it's time for Friday Night Leftovers. Want to join the fun? Go see Danifred!
1. It is still sinking in that I am going to have a daughter. I remember it took a few days to wrap my mind around having a son, too. I have been really well-behaved so far and have not gone crazy purchasing cute, frilly clothes despite the large displays of Easter dresses that are in most stores right now. I have three girlfriends who have already generously offered me their handmedowns. I love handmedowns and know how much money it can save, so I am planning to wait and see what I still need after I have had a chance to go through all of that. I still bought this hat and bootie set (the piglet one) the other day as I have been coveting it since I first saw it four years ago.
2. My sister is coming to visit this weekend. She has generously offered to watch Will for us when I am in the hospital so she wants to visit over the next few months to learn his routine and spend some time with him. M and I are going to try and get away a bit while she is here to let them have some quality time with each other.
3. I started this site a few weeks ago. I will be completely honest that I have not followed it "to the letter" but I have started doing a lot of the tips and tricks that I have read here. I imagine if I actually did it the way I am supposed to, I would see even greater results. A word of warning, if you do decide to sign up, you will get a lot of e-mails (at least five or six a day and usually more) from them. My favorite tips so far are the Fifteen Minute Declutter and to work my home in zones. I also like having a "Flight Plan" each day. Again, I have not always followed it perfectly and I am still seeing some results. I am hoping that the more organized I get, the easier it will be to maintain it and do more and more of their projects.
4. On the same theme of cleaning, I got a Swiffer Wetjet this last week. I really like it but I feel like I need another one for my bathroom upstairs! Will also likes to "Swiff" and I think they need to make a kid sized version.
5. Will is really interested in t.v.-watching. I knew this day would come. It was a lot easier to manage the whole "no t.v." thing before he got wise to what the big black box means. He watched an Elmo's World at a friend's house and now he points urgently at our t.v. or grabs the remote, asking, "Elno? Elno?" We do plan to let Will watch t.v. when he turns two, so he doesn't have much longer to wait.


Danifred said...

I broke down and bought a Swiffer two weeks ago and I.LOVE.IT. So fabulous!

Girls are sooooo much fun, you're going to love all the fun clothes (not so much the attitudes :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I have to second Danifred with the girl's clothes, because SQUEEEEE. Of course, I don't have a boy, and there are certain boy clothes I covet as well.

If you get one of the ordinary, boring Swiffers, you can unscrew the handle and it becomes a child sized Swiffer. Elizabeth has one and uses it to mop the kitchen floor along side me. And heaven help us if I don't allow her to help.

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Oh a girl! I can't imagine..having two boys myself. Yipee- you get to shop for tights!

Anonymous said...

I don't even have kids and I find it hard to resist the urge to buy those frilly dresses ! Congrats on having a baby girl !

Chrystal said...

I agree on handmedowns. Before Tristan was born I looked down on them and I spent so much money. Then I became wise. I can proudly say I have maybe spent $100 on his 12m and 18m clothes. I love good sales and have a great handmedown system. Yay for a girl and free time. I love my swiffer too!

Ellemes said...

I got a swiffer today b/c of your post! So excited to use it tomorrow and I HATE cleaning so its crazy that I'm excited about something related to cleaning.