Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Welcome" Back

I was on my feet all day yesterday.

The end result was that my cankles have returned. I will not torture you with pictures. No, don't beg, you really don't want to see this. I am basically a straight line from hip to ankle. I'm bringing sexy back.

The other end result is that my master closet is cleaned out. It is not nearly as organized as Will and Emma's closets because I do not have nifty organizers installed in there. We just don't have the money to shell out on those right now. Everything is hung up or folded or in a cubby, however, and it is no longer the embarassing pit it has been for longer than I care to admit. The door even opens all of the way! M is thrilled.

We also had a couple of piles that have come from our other organization efforts. One was an "M Pile," with random electronics, cords, empty boxes for expensive purchases, old computer games, etc. One was a "Katie Pile," with old love letters, wedding memorabilia, some work stuff I have to save for one more year due to FDA regulations (Oooh, sounds official, doesn't it?), etc. The piles have been dwindled to just those few things you can never quite figure out what to do with (the FDA paperwork for me, the random cords for M).

I always think when I get to this stuff, I should just toss it in a garbage back and throw it away. But then I start to think. . . "Well, what if the FDA does show up and wants to see three years' worth of sample transaction forms that I am legally obligated to retain? I would be so screwed." Or M will think of the time that he did throw away some cords and then realized one was for our camera. Do you know how expensive it is to buy just one cord? You practically can get a new camera. Well. Not really, but just think of what these other cords could be for! This interesting look into our minds will show you why M and I are packrats. We think of the very least likely scenario, magnify it's likelihood of actually occuring by 10 milliontransillion times, and then we end up keeping said cord, paperwork, etc., until the next time we organize the same closet.

Despite our inability to part with these last "precious" remnants, I am actually quite proud of us. . . especially of me! I have worked my arse off these past few months getting all of the "rat holes" in our house taken care of. I now just have one more small closet that needs my attention and it is tiny enough that I am pretty sure a naptime could take care of it. You can now open any closet in our house without fear of death from a falling item.

It feels good.

The cankles do not.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Yeah, we do the same thing too. "But what if we NEED it someday?" The problem is that we move so often that a lot of the time, we DO need it again someday. Like all my winter clothes. Or the chair we kept in the garage in Florida that now fits in our house. But I am getting better.

Now so me pictures of your pretty organization.

Ms. J said...

since photos never do it justice, I am thinking we all should have measured our cankles somehow (pre-cankle and at their most swollen) so those reading along can appropriately gasp.

I remember mine, not-so-fondly referred to as The Italian Loaves of Bread. Pass the butter.

Anonymous said...

Yay for clean closets! Boo for cankles... Hope they get better soon! :)