Friday, June 25, 2010

Footloose and Fancy Free

Will is away with his Gramma for another weekend. It's amazing what a difference 6 months makes in developmental terms.

Six months ago, we couldn't even leave the room at Gramma's without him freaking out. I couldn't even go to the bathroom without either taking him with me or listening to him scream in terror that he was about to be abandoned. I was all sorts of worried that he would never stay a night away from us. Like everything else that I worry about (hint, hint: note to self), it was a fruitless concern.

Yesterday, we arrived, I unpacked him, then hung out in the backyard with Nana and Gramma for an hour. I had talked to him about how he was going to be a Big Boy and stay with them and how he had to be good for them, then I gave him the usual countdown ("Mommy is leaving in five minutes. . . . three . . . two . . ."), and then it was with a hug, kisses, and NO TEARS, that I was able to leave. Guilt free. My MIL is in her element, as he is excited to be at her house. She had bought him a play kitchen and some Little People toys at a garage sale since his last visit, so he was happy as a clam, making "soup" for Gramma and Nana. I got a couple of text pictures last night, one with him playing happily at the park, another with him snuggling with his Nana and eating cookies. He looked perfeclty content.

I was also perfectly content, sorting through another huge pile of Emma clothes. One of my girlfriends and I switched clothes. I gave her all of Will's (six huge rubbermaid totes) and she gave me all of her little girl's (also six huge totes). This kid is now set for 0 - 18 month size clothes. The shoes. . . oh, the shoes!

I have a lot to get done this weekend. This my last harrah to actually get major things off the list. I am getting tired and my feet are starting to swell by the end of the day. It's time to slow down from here on out. The cleaners come Tuesday (!!!!!) and then the house will be clean. There are a few areas that need to be decluttered so they can get at them, so that's Priority One. I have been applying my Flylady skills to the freezer this last week and tossing something everytime I go in there to get something else out, so I don't think the freezer will be a major job.

M and I also have dinner and movie plans and I want to sleep in. Ah, sleep in. I hope you all have wonderful weekends!


HereWeGoAJen said...

You are so right about those developmental differences. We've just finished nightweaning. It was like the fourth time I tried it. The first three times ended up with everyone crying. This time was a piece of cake because she was ready for it.

I'm actually excited about all your decluttering and cleaning and such to get ready for Emma. I become dorkier every day. Take lots of pictures for me, okay? Especially after the cleaners come. Man, I want cleaners for this house.

J said...

Have a nice relaxing weekend! agghhh...31 more days! I can't wait. :)