Monday, June 14, 2010

Thirty four weeks pregnant.

Nine months.

34 weeks.

9 months.


Can you tell I am having trouble grasping the concept that I am really this pregnant?! I think it is mostly because there are days when I still do a double take at the fact that I have a son and now we'll be blessed again.

These pictures are from our anniversary getaway, which was a month ago.

All I can say is what a difference a month makes!!! Here I am, today.

Oh, and for comparison purposes, these are pictures of me at 33 weeks with Will.

Oh, look at that belly button, still firmly in, as it belongs. Sigh. I certainly felt much bigger with Will and people commented how HUGE I was all of the time, but when I examine the evidence, I think I am about the same. I actually might be a bit wider this time around. Oh, well, just interesting comparisons.


HereWeGoAJen said...

You make a very cute pregnant person. :)

I am getting excited!

It is what it is said...

So GREAT to see your pregnant belly. And, I agree that you look about the same although perhaps slightly "bigger" in the front with Will. So hard to

Anonymous said...

You look amazing!! And your belly is beautiful!!

I love your little outtie belly button! Its adorable!

I am so excited for you!!

Searching said...

You are TOO CUTE!!! :)

(& def pregnant!!)

J said...

what a beautiful belly!! You look great! I can't believe it's just a few more weeks away!


Mel said...

Ugh, you are SO darn cute preggers. I looked like a whale the entire 3rd trimester... so jealous of that adorable belly!!!!

Home stretch!