Friday, June 4, 2010


I forgot to update on my blood pressure yesterday. All is well. Though it is still higher than it has been, and Dr. S wants me watching for warning signs like headaches and swelling, it was down from Tuesday. They did move my next appointment to next week instead of waiting two weeks between appointments, but I don't get the sense that anyone thinks anything is wrong, just taking good care of Emma and me. No complaints there! He did advise that I try to "take it easy" now that I am heading into the home stretch.

After I picked myself up off the ground, where I had been rolling with hysterical laughter, I asked him if he couldn't write that on a prescription pad where I could take it to some magical pharmacy where they dispense housekeepers, nannies, and cooks. He gave me a smile and said that I'd have to ask my husband for help. Again, with the hysterical laughter. . .

Kidding, kidding. M does his best to help, but with being sick since pretty much January, plus working outside of the home full time, it doesn't leave him with a lot of energy.

Will has also entered a new phase these past few days. I hoping it's just that he's bored from being inside the house for so long. We usually have at least two or three playdates and/or fun outings in a week, and this week we were on self-imposed house arrest due to The Sick. He is just getting so much more defiant and also physical. He has not been much of a hitter until very recently. He went through a biting phase, which was tough, but this is much more widespread and seems more. . . violent, I guess? Even the dogs have met with his wrath and they stay out of his way most of the time. I know this is all very normal from a developmental standpoint, but I miss my sweet lil' baby. I do want him to have more independence and be able to stand up for himself and I know expressing his own likes and dislikes is a big step towards that. And it's not bad all the time. I have just noticed more whining, more grumpy, more negative behavior. To be fair, some of that could be that I am whinier, grumpier, and more negative lately. I'm no child expert, but to say that there is a likely correlation doesn't take a rocket scientist.


HereWeGoAJen said...

I just told Matt last night that I am glad Elizabeth isn't in daycare because she'd be THAT kid- the one who bites. Because, argh, she bites. I've been ignoring it (because she is SO obviously doing it for attention) and it seems to be getting better.

Hah, taking it easy! Don't you wish that we all lived on a giant blog commune and we could help each other out?

Tracy said...

Well, I guess the best you can do is not do anything you don't ABSOLUTELY have to do...Try.

I think this is a tough age. They want more control, but have a hard time obtaining it. Heck, they aren't quite ready for it! So it's frustrating. I'm going to send you a great link to a blog I've been reading that has helped me a lot in being more patient and communicating with E&R so they feel like they have more control in their lives.

Rebecca said...

Argh...we have had The Sick for two weeks now (yeah...with two kids, we get one and then the other and pray it's gone). It's mind-numbing to be in the house all the time. We've been spending a lot of time in the backyard and the deck b/c that's all I have. Taking walks has helped tire them out too. The hitting is ridic and Matt has spent a lot of time in time-out b/c of that. If he's mad at me, he hits the dog or frustrating!

Hang in're dong great!!!