Saturday, June 12, 2010

Operation Closet

I thought I would be honest and show you where I started so you can be seriously impressed with me when I am all done. The following picture is not for the super-organized and faint-at-heart. Seriously, Jen and Mel, look away!

This is what two years of chaos has led to. . .

For the record, I do know what a good closet should look like. This is Emma's (still in progress):

M and Will just left for the graduation. I have at least four solid hours to work some serious organizational miracles, my friends.

Edited: Like all projects of this nature, it took a lot longer than I would have thought to get the closet clean and organized . . . about six hours altogether. The good news is that I got it all done, including his dresser/changing table, which was also a MESS. I was able to sort all of his old clothes by size and put them in totes, which are going to a friend of ours who is expecting a little boy in November. I am so glad they can be put to good use, though I will admit to getting teary eyed as I packed them away. She is going to give them back to me, but I am pretty sure that our family is complete, so I will probably never see them on one of my babies again. It made me a bit wistful, even though I know I am going to have my hands full with these two. But at least his closet will be organized while I am dealing with the transition!

Oh, and because I finally found the adapter, I also have recent belly shots and the nursery update slated for later on this week. I know you are hanging on the edge of your keyboards.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh, but those are exciting pictures to look at, as the after picture is so much fun.

Searching said...

Good luck! Will's looks like my closets around here! I am quite impressed by Emma's. :)

Mel said...

I totally agree with Jen. The before and after photos are TOTALLY drool-a-rific! And Emma's closet is so beautiful! L's closet always stays beautiful, but that is because we have a spare bedroom upstairs where I manage all her extra clothes. I keep all the upcoming sizes in bins in her closet, but I feel like she grows out of stuff every week and I have to organize by what is going to the resale shop, what is getting saved (why? I don't know, we will probably not even have another baby, but I am wistful yet) and what might be handed down to other friends. I keep only the best, expensive type stuff that I maybe splurged on or found a really good deal on... generally Baby Gap stuff that I got at an outlet or sale. Is it sad that I consider Baby Gap stuff to be the "good" stuff? I cannot imagine spending more than that on her clothes... and even then I consider their sale prices to be too high! LOL

Good work on getting Will's stuff all organized! That is TOTALLY the kind of birthday present I would have given myself as well. :)