Monday, June 7, 2010

Adenoids Out

We had Will's appointment at Seattle Children's Hospital today. The doctor highly recommended that we have Will's adenoids removed. They aren't just englarged, the are really enlarged. It's a low risk procedure with a very big payoff of getting off this sick rollercoaster we've been on, so we agreed. The biggest surprise was, after waiting three months for this appointment, we are now scheduled for the surgery next Wednesday. Wow.

I know in the scheme of things, this is a minor procedure and not really anything to get riled about, but. . . he's my bay-bee. I am hormonal. I am upset. When we pulled up to the hospital today, he started saying, "Buh-bye" in the scared way he does when he doesn't want to stay someplace. So, I anticipate that next week and how upsetting it will be next week when we go there and have to hand him over to the OR staff. I just can't even think about it for right now.

I also got my urine test results back from last week's OB appointment and I do have protein in my urine again. I am not that concerned about it, since this also happened about the same time in the pregnancy with Will and it never turned into anything serious. Of course, I was able to take it much easier last time around once I quit working. I don't think Will is going to allow me that luxury this time! Especially when he's recovering from surgery. My days of taking it easy and putting my feet up are long over (and I'm glad for it).


HereWeGoAJen said...

I would be all worried too. Poor little bay-bee! Of course, he won't remember it after a couple of days even, I am betting, so this whole thing is going to be hardest on you.

Anonymous said...

I hope that helps the little guy!
I would be worried too. I'll be praying for all of you.

Red said...

I agree with Jen, it will be harder on you than on him. I can only imagine how scary it will be for you despite it being really minor in the whole medical scheme of things. My thoughts will be with you all.

It is what it is said...

I just wanted to lend support. My son had circumcision revision surgery when he was 2 1/2. It was done at our local Children's Hospital and I won't lie, I was a wreck.

It was all so overwhelming...we got there, were immediately taken to pre-op where we answered a slew of questions while they got my son into his hospital gown, gave him liquid versed and literally, before I knew it, they were whisking him down the hall and into surgery. It was an agonizing hour long surgery and waiting in the family waiting room, tracking his movements from pre-op to OR to post op to recovery was nerve wracking.

Seeing him in recovery, coming to, was also hard. He just couldn't get his mind around what had happened to him, why he was feeling woozy, what all the wires and IV were.

The first afternoon/evening were the hardest but he was practically himself by the next morning (and he was supposed to be "low activity" for a month, post op, yeah right).

I just wanted to share some of my experience so that you can be better prepared. Good luck and he will be fine and all the better for having them out.

So, as others have said, it will be harder on you and all you can do is move through it.

J said...

I hope this makes him feel a TON better. My niece had hers out when she was three and it's really helped her.


Anonymous said...

He's little still, so he'll forget about it soon enough. And he should be a lot better afterwards; my cousins who had their adenoids removed as children still rarely get sick nearly 20 years later.

And just a thought, but maybe it would help him relax if he got to hear his own "heartbeep"? (that is just too cute for words!)

Mrs. Piggy said...

Owen has had 3 of these minor procedures already. First one, I was sick to my stomach, second one, not so much, third one, I knew exactly what to expect. A total crab after surgery (who wouldn't be)...just takes awhile for the anesthesia to get out of their system. After an hour or two you go home, and after all 3 surgeries Owen was the happiest little boy. First surgery was clogged tear duct, which required being put under, and then the next sugery was ear tubes, third sugery was putting ear tubes back in place addenoids out. He hasn't been back to the doctor since and that was 6 months ago! We were going all the time. Will is going to do great, and so are you!

Stacey said...

Sorry you guys have to do this, but hoping it will make him feel so much better! I'm sure you'll be glad it was taken care of before baby's arrival.
Praying all goes well for all of you next week!

Kandi Ann said...

Totally new to the game. Praying surgery is over and great results in no time! Were not supposed to worry, but dang, its hard not to. My concern now would be him really associating the hospital with bad and seeing you there. Is there anyway you can get him to the doctor already asleep? hrm. Just thought I would throw out there that maybe there should be some prizes given for going and getting out et. xoxo, Kandi Ann