Monday, June 28, 2010

Alls Well That Ends Well

For some reason, M and I were sleep idiots this weekend. Instead of going to bed at the usual and decent time for us (9:30 - 10:00 'round these parts lately), we reverted to the "pre-kids" days of our marriage and didn't get into bed until 1 AM on Saturday morning and 12:45 on Sunday night. And my pregnant bladder just won't let me sleep in much past 7 these days. Although I usually am able to get back to sleep, Saturday morning, we had plenty to do and Sunday, I couldn't for some reason. After tossing and turning for an hour, I just got up. So, I was quite tired by the time last night rolled around.

My cankles and feet are ridiculously swollen, so I got into a warm bath to soothe the ache. I was on the phone with my good friend, who has a six day old infant. We were having a normal conversation about the challenges of her last week with two kids, and all of a sudden, she was yelling and then sobbing. The baby had stopped breathing and was turning pale. She had a hard time getting her to breathe again. This friend also lives directly across the street from me, so by the time the baby was breathing again, I was out of the tub, pulling on my sweatpants and one of M's shirts, and telling her I'd be there in 30 seconds.

I stayed at their house with their 2 year old while they rushed to the ER. They didn't return until 3:30. Although I "slept" on their couch after about midnight or so, I was sleeping lightly and uncomfortably, and keeping an eye on my phone for updates. The baby's oxygen saturation levels were lower than normal, so they had to have all sorts of tests done on her lungs and heart to rule out anything serious there, and then monitoring her breathing for a couple of hours.

Based on the test results, the doctor suspected acid reflux and they were sent home to worry the rest of the night. They are following up with their pediatrician today, but the good news is that the baby seems okay for now. Much relieved, I stumbled back across the street to my own bed, where it took me a good half hour to fall back asleep. Just in time for Will to decide he needed a snuggle. It was a quick trip into his room and out, but then I was awake again and never really went back to sleep before M's alarm signalled the start of another day.

I meant to spend Will's nap time today getting ready for the cleaning people that are coming tomorrow. I am not going to scrub toilets or anything, but I do have some "hot spots" to clean up or they won't be able to do their jobs. Instead, I collapsed on the couch in a heap of swollen, tired pregnant woman and fell into a deep sleep that left a drool mark on the couch pillow (lovely).


The baby is okay and I have cleaning people coming tomorrow. So, life is good.


Debby said...

omg so scary and NOT the stories I like hearing being weeks away from having an infant again myself. G had similar issues with oxygen levels and he was diagnosed with reflux as well. Poor little guy turned blue in the delivery room and got whisked away. It was tough til they figured out the problem. But good news is, once he was on reflux medicine he was just fine. Tell your friend I'll be praying for her baby. Such scary stuff.

And you missy...get the sleep and don't worry about your "hot spots". (although I can dish out this advice but not use it on myself :-D)

HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh heavens. I am so glad that has such a happy ending. I'm sure that was quite an adrenaline rush for you too, no wonder you didn't get any sleep.

Adam and Julia said...

Oh my goodness. How scary. I am so glad that everything is ok and that you were there for them. I have my cleaning lady coming tomorrow too...and I am also cleaning up for her. if it is to unorganized she wont have time to spend on the important stuff, right? Hope tomorrow is much more uneventful except for the nice, tidy house.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how things like "The baby is ok" makes everything in life seem a little better!

And as I mentioned before...Cankles are the new sexy!

Ms. J said...

Pls keep us updated on your friend's baby. I gasped reading it.