Sunday, June 20, 2010

Keeping On Track

First off, thank you very much, Tracy! If I go to the Edit Html tab, I can paste! I am still not sure why it used to work here on the compose page and won't any more, but so long as it works, I don't care!

The reason that I wanted to paste, is that I wanted to update my list for you here.

List of Things To Do Before Emma Rocks Our World
- Reorganize Will's closet (done)
- Organize linen closent (done)
- Clean out freezer
- Make extra meals for freezer
- Empty out nursery (done)
- Paint nursery (done)
- Install organizer in nursery closet (done)
- Organize master bedroom closet
- Reorganize small closet downstairs
- Get swing and bassinet down from garage storage
- Make "Willism" book for whoever watches him (daily schedule, meals, activity ideas, etc.)
- Purchase double stroller (done)
- Sell single strollers on craigslist (gave one stroller to MIL and sold one to a friend)
- Hang bookshelves in playroom (done)
- Tackle bedroom "hot spot" (which is already down to a very small pile, thanks to Fly Lady) (done)
- Paint entry way
- Reorganize bottle/glass cupboard
- Carpets cleaned
- Hire housecleaners (done)

We actually have accomplished a lot off of the list! I am really excited to be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Will is going to his Grandma's this week for two days and I am going to use this time to organize my master closet as well as get the freezer emptied out. I feel as if those are the last two major projects that take longer than a nap to do, so they are difficult to get done when Will is here. I am waiting to have the carpets cleaned until right before Emma arrives, but I know we'll use the same vendor we used last time. Getting the bassinet, swing, and car seat out of garage storage will take about ten minutes and we have that on the list for this weekend. I am going to start making extra meals every time I make a dinner and also putting ingredients in freezer bags to throw into a crock pot. I also am going to buy some pre-made frozen dinners at Costco. While they aren't the "best" for us, they are economical and easy. I'd like to have about two weeks' worth of dinners stocked up and I think that's reasonable.

So, there we are. . . getting down to the wire, but getting things checked off the list. The best news is that the things that are left to do are easier than what we've already done (as far as both time and effort) and also things that if they didn't get done, well, the world would keep turning.

What's on your list to get done?


RoseAnn said...

I had the same problem where "Ctrl"+V quit working unless I go to the edit HTML tab first.

Glad it's working for you now.

HereWeGoAJen said...

That is some serious work on that list!

Have you tried the crock pot liners for your crock pot? I don't use them every time because they get expensive, but they really cut down on cleaning time. And that is totally worth it when there is a new baby in the house.

Katie said...

I haven't tried them, actually. I haven't really ever had my crockpot have any sticking issues. I usually give the inside a quick spray with cooking oil before adding the ingredients and it's a nonstick pot. What I usually do is put together all of the ingredients in a big ziplock back and then I can just dump them right in and add 2 hours to the cooking time. Works great!