Thursday, September 6, 2007

Now You're Getting the Idea

I have a confession. I hope it won't won't hurt our relationship.

My name is Katie. I am addicted to pregnancy tests.

I have taken . . .gosh, this is embarrassing. . . four tests today. Yep, that's right. 4.

I took the first one this morning with FMU. I used a Dollar Tree test, which I have found to be extremely sensitive and reliable in the past. Very occasionally, however, you will get one that gets swirly with the purple dye, and you can't read the results. Highly annoying. So, that one really doesn't count.

I waited until I thought my bladder would burst and got a faint positive on a FRER. But it was pretty faint. I think my logic is this: If I can get the positives to start getting darker, that would be a good thing. If the positive would go away completely, then at least I could start waiting for a second line to hopefully appear.

I know, I know. My logic is pretty screwed up. But, following that screwed up thinking, I took a third test around dinner time. Negative. Hmmm.

So, I just took a fourth about 8 minutes ago and. . . negative again. I am trying to tell myself that this is a good thing. Now, if a positive shows up, I know it's NOT the trigger and can get good and excited. And, I am only 11 DPO, which would still be kind of early for a test to show positive. With most of my pregnancies, I haven't tested positive until 12 or 13 DPO, so there is still hope.

But I gotta tell you. I am really kind of bummed, too. A part of me thinks that in order to "smell pregnant" clear last Friday, I would have had to have implanted already, which means that I would be showing positive today. Which kind of renders my husband and his nose a little useless when it comes to pregnancy detection.

Okay. Breathe.

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Polka Dot said...

Remember my last comment about my staring at the tests and then turning around and walking out?

Well - I can't remember if I told the whole thing & it's too early in the morning to look ; ) -- I was ultimately glad I didn't take it because it would have shown negative. When I went in for the beta the next morning, I got a BFP. But it was only at 20 (the RE thought it was just a late implantation). And no home test would have picked that up.

So keep thinking positive thoughts. And stay away from the pee sticks!