Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Misty Water Colored Memories

I have a horrible confession to make. I have been married four and a half years and have never put a wedding photo album together. When we got married, my husband and I paid for the wedding ourselves. We also wanted to go on a nice honeymoon and were saving to buy a house. The end result was that the budget for our entire wedding was only $5000 and we had 150 guests.

We did a lot on the cheap, including getting married in the church where I grew up and having the reception in the church hall. Not exactly your Martha Stewart of weddings, but it was still a wonderful day. I have never felt so surrounded by the love of my family and friends. It was really quite a production pulling it all together and I am forever grateful for their support and assistance.

Everything went fairly smoothly the day of the event except for one pretty huge thing. Our wedding photographer was an idiot. Our pictures are awful. Now, I know what you are thinking: How bad could they be? Well, some of the pictures weren't too bad. But halfway through the formals she dropped her camera. That's right, folks, dropped it. And apparently did not have a back up. You can easily tell the pictures taken "before drop and after drop." The after drop ones (which include the other half of the formals and the ceremony) are all crooked and fuzzy. She managed to switch cameras for the reception, but then she overexposed the film, and everyone looks yellow in all of the pictures.

They were bad to the point that she even refunded me 50% of my money. But that didn't make up for the fact that I had about three pictures of the entire day that I actually liked enough to frame. So, I really didn't have enough material for an album and I certainly wasn't paying her any more money to put one together.

So, for these past four plus years, the box of pictures have been collecting dust. Today, I was in a Hallmark store and found these really neat scrap books, including a beautiful one for a wedding. I hemmed and hawed a little bit (it was $50), but in the end I decided that if we ever do have kids, I want to be able to share some sort of album with them. I also figured that I could manage to salvage enough pictures to make some sort of decent scrapbook.

I just got done with it and it actually looks very nice. It still isn't the professional quality album that I really wanted, but it was amazing what a little trimming and appropriate framing did for some of the pictures. I also used a lot of the non-professional shots that people took with the disposable cameras. Once again, a little cropping really did wonders. I feel a sense of accomplishments.

I need more projects. This was the first time in a long time where I wasn't constantly thinking about pregnancies and babies. I was just remembering the wonderful story of us. It was nice.

But now I am back. 4 DPO. This is the longest 2 WW ever - or at least since my last 2 WW.


Polka Dot said...

That sucks about the photog. You'd think she'd have brought a back-up with her! It's good to do some non-ttc stuff now and again since it's so all consuming most of the time.

ryc: I've pretty well convinced myself I'm going to have a BFN this cycle. Don't know why - maybe it's easier? But I'm going to wait until my beta on Monday. Which is just 4 more days if you don't count today (I never count the day I'm currently in hah).

Mel said...

my wedding photographer really sucked, too. i set up all the poses for the pics i wanted to see, but they didn't turn out all edgy and striking like i hoped they would. i tell every bride i meet to cut corners everywhere bu SPARE NO EXPENSE on the photographer. you get what you pay for, right?

A'Dell said...

I'm glad that you put together something you like! I'm a photo-whore and have way too many scrapbooks and I did my wedding album myself to save bucks also.

But I look at my albums all the time. It makes me really happy to look back and remember things I forgot about. Hooray for projects. Especially ones that you finish. ;)