Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ten Things I Love

Ten Things I Love About Will Right Now

10. He sings songs now and gets most of the words right. His favorite is Happy Birthday.
9. He has been in a huggy and kissy mood lately.
8. He says please and thank you (mostly) without being prompted.
7. He sleeps (mostly) through the night.
6. He takes three hour naps.
5. He likes to learn and asks for his flashcards. We're doing letters and numbers now.
4. He likes vegetables. Broccoli is one of his favorites.
3. He loves spending the weekend with his Gramma, which allows me a bit of break without feeling guilty.
2. He loves to read stories.
1. He will wrap his arms and legs around us when he is not quite ready for bed. "One more rock, rock?" he asks when we try to get up from the chair. Because he only does it occasionally, it is still adorable and I love that extra snuggle.

Ten Things I Love About Emma Right Now
10. She slept for TEN hours last night.
9. She loves to eat. Since this is very likely my last baby, I am really treasuring these moments together.
8. She has found her hands and will slurp rather enthusiastically on them.
7. She loves the tubby. Seriously, I think the girl could live in the tubby and I enjoy seeing her so happy.
6. She also loves her activity mat with the "baby crack" star. Seriously, what do they find so fascinating about the star?
5. She is a Wiggle Worm, a real mover and a shaker. She will kick herself across the playmat and off the bath lounger.
4. I love all of the girly, incredible cute clothes that I get to dress her in. I love getting her all fancied up.
3. She is finding her voice and giving the cutest little coos. I know her laugh can't be far behind.
2. Despite the fact that she is active, she also loves a good cuddle. I love how she will snuggle into me.
1. She is the most smiley baby. And though she smiles at the afforementioned star, she saves her most special smiles for me. When I walk into her line of sight, she will break out in a huge, toothless grin. It's beyond adorable.


Stacey said...

Love this post about your sweet kiddos! Glad you are enjoying such special moments with both of them. <3

HereWeGoAJen said...

What a wonderful list!