Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Day In the Life (Continued)

A day in the life of one mom with two kids is crazy-busy-fun. Here it is, broken down into morning, afternoon, and night. You can read the first installment here. And per It Is What It Is' suggestion, Will and Emma's take on the day have been added in italics.


12:01 PM: Still singing the same song in the car on the way home. We will listen to this song five times en route. [W: That's right, Mommy. This is my revenge for making me share toys this morning. Singing this song over. and. over. again.] [E: Ugh, Will, I am only six weeks old, but I am already so tired of this song. We are so going to sing different songs when I am old enough to ask for them.]

12:10 PM: Back home. Time to get everyone back in the house. This is tricky because I can't park my car in the garage. So, I take Emma out in her seat first, put her seat on the front porch (it's only a few steps from the car), then go back to retrieve Will. [W: Oh, she thinks I will wait patiently does she? Well, I have some tricks up my sleeve. Watch and learn, Emma.]

12:20 PM: We are now inside. Emma is screaming to be released from "Baby Prison" - a.k.a., the car seat. Will is saying that he needs to go potty, and since this could be the time that he really means it, I hustle to get his pants and diaper off while jiggling Emma in one arm. [W: That's right. Dance, Mommy, dance. I don't really have to go potty, but it's sure funny watching you hurry.] [E: Good one, Will. But next time, can you wait until she puts me in the Ergo? It's much more comfortable than how she is holding me now.]

12:21 PM: Nope. False alarm. [W: I will wait to pee pee until the diaper is back on.]

12:25 PM: Make lunch for Will with Emma in the Ergo. [E: Why are you always cramming me into this thing, Mommy?]

12:30 PM: Nurse Emma while Will eats his lunch. [E: Will, your lunch looks a lot better than mine.] [W: I'd share, but I got in trouble last time I tried that.]

1:00 PM: Nap time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Put Emma back into the Ergo so I can get him changed and ready for bed. [W: Okay, Emma, I am tired. So I am handing this over to you. Make sure she doesn't sit down or take a nap, okay?] [E: On it.]

1:14 PM: Head downstairs. Attempt to put Emma in our bouncy chair so I can get some things done. [E: I don't know who she thinks she is kidding. This is so not the chair I like.]

1:20 PM: Rescue Emma from the subpar bouncy chair. Stick her in the Ergo so that I can do laundry, dishes, and run the vacuum. [E: Back in this thing again? Well, maybe I could use a little nap, too. As long as she doesn't sit down, we're still on plan.]

2:30 PM: Chores are done. Maybe I can sit down for a second and catch up on blogs. [E: Nope. No way. Nuh-uh. No sitting down for you, Mommy, unless it involves The Milk.]

2:32 PM: Nurse Emma. [E: I am weak when it comes to The Milk. I shall let Mommy sit here as long as I get The Milk.]

2:50 PM: Emma fell asleep nursing, so I will attempt to transfer her to her swing so I can have some hands free time. [E: Dang The Milk, it makes me sleepy every time. But I am awake now. This silly swing is so not going to work to make me. . . yawn. . .]

2:55 PM: Miracles of miracles, Emma is actually sleeping in her swing and Will is still asleep in his crib. Time to blog and watch some t.v.

3:25 PM: I hear Will calling for me in his crib. [W: Mommy, where are you?]

3:26 PM: Change Will into swim clothes. We are headed to the neighbors for a swim playdate. [W: Wait. Where is Emma? She was supposed to be keeping Mommy busy while I slept. Ugh. Can't trust a six week old.]

3:30 PM: Emma is up from her nap, so we head to our friends'. Because it's an outdoor playdate, I have to remember to bring towels, sunscreen, and a change of clothes. It's a good thing I got the big diaper bag.

3:40 PM: Thank goodness the neighbors live just feet from our house. And it still takes us 10 minutes to get there! Our neighbors' parents are visiting, so there are extra hands to help out with the kids. I might actually get to eat my snack with both hands. [W: Maybe we should give Mommy a break, Emma. I'll play nicely and you hang out with that nice gramma-lady.] [E: That sounds like a good idea, Will. This is a nice gramma-lady and Mommy looks tired.]

4:45 PM: I got to sit and chat with my friends and eat a snack with both hands. There were no tantrums, feedings, or fussings to attend to. It was lovely. Time to pack back up to head home so our friends can have dinner. M is working late tonight, so we are heading to our other neighbors' house for dinner. [W: I am having so much fun, Mommy, I don't want to go home!]

4:46 PM: Uh-oh. Will doesn't want to go home. Wrestle him back into regular clothes and get him to say thank you for snacks and playtime. Drag a screaming toddler with one arm and hold Emma with the other. [W: No, no, no! I don't wanna go home.]

4:50 PM: Home to change Emma and get Will some water. [W: We were really good at their house and Mommy still made me go home. Payback time.]

5:01 PM: Major Will meltdown. He wanted to play with the stroller that I was airing out in the sun. I wanted to put it away before we left for our other neighbors' house for dinner. I "won," but he is going to make me pay for my victory with The Tantrum To End All Tantrums. [W: I can't believe that she took away my stroller. My stroller! I need it! This is so not fair! I will grow up and take away her wheelchair someday, you just watch.]

5:30 PM: Finally make it across the street to our other neighbors' house for dinner. Will's eyes are still puffy and swollen and he has the hiccups. Emma is crying from the Ergo. My nerves are shot.[W: Mommy is so mean.] [E: I'm hungry. Please feed me.]

To be continued. . .

*I consider the afternoon to be the "easy" time of my day. Will takes a nap, so I usually get one-on-one time with Emma, or if I am really lucky, she takes a nap, too.


Ms. J said...

Yep, thee moment Peanut cries or otherwise needs our attention, cue up Lil Pumpkin "need some help with the potty, Mummy!" Now, she can do this on her own at this point, but if left completely unsupervised she will also play with the water flowing as she washes her hands for 10 minutes. [cue me shrieking, "I CAN'T AFFORD TO HAVE THE WATER RUN THAT LONG, THESE THINGS COST MUMMY MONEY!"].

I still think you are a champ for going places, even the neighbor's yard. I can get tons done around the house while supervising a 3 yr old and the baby, but get very overwhelmed just thinking about outings when I am the only grown up. Now my husband on the other hand, can't do jack sh*t around the house when he has both girls, but is not at all stressed when he takes them with him to run errands or shop. WTF?!

It is what it is said...

I laughed out loud. I loved the conspiratorial tone.

I am tired just reading it and it's only 9:55 in the morning here.

I HOPE today is a good day.

You ARE doing it and should be proud.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Will and Emma are excellent bloggers.

Stacey said...

Really enjoying these posts, but boy do they make me feel tired! I'm such a hermit that I can't imagine attempting all of those outings with a little one... much less TWO! Go you! :)

A New Beginning said...

I think the same thing about them going to the potty. I am sure that if I don't take her on time # 601, THAT is when she will really be needing to use it. Ugh.