Friday, September 17, 2010

Worth A Read and Perhaps A Try

When Will was 5 weeks old, he started crying.

And didn't stop.

Well, of course he stopped, but not from the hours of 2 - 7 PM every day and sometimes later. Then he was up every hour to hour and a half throughout the evening. Very little sleep was had in this house.

During this same time, my mom started calling him Little Toot because he would fart. Constantly. I have never been around another baby that was like his. He was a gas machine. We thought that perhaps he was colicky or maybe sensitive to cow's milk. I removed all dairy from my diet and there was a slight improvement, but he also turned 3 months old at about the same time, which is the hallmark of colick.

We tried a lot of things to help him feel better. Heck, I even gave up ice cream! That's love. I bought a "miracle" blanket which didn't really help. We gave him gas drops and gripe water. He cried. I cried.

I would have tried anything to help him feel better, but the only "cure" for colic is time, and whatever we tried was more to make us feel better about doing something.

Will's pediatrician blogged about a potential "treatment" for colic today. If you have ever been around a colicky baby, you know that anything is worth a try. When we did probiotics for Will (for diarrhea recently), we used these straws. This company also makes products for infants and also discusses more about the use of probiotics in "treating" colic.

It might not be proven, but it doesn't sound as if there would be any harm in trying it. I sure wish I'd had it in my arsenal two years ago.

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