Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Day In the Life (Continued)

To avoid having The Longest Blog Post Ever, I broke a Day In the Life into three parts. You can check out my morning and afternoon if you haven't already. Just so you know, this was my actual Monday. I have not edited it with the exception of bathroom breaks. If you want the details on that, e-mail me privately :). We usually don't have such a busy day with three playdates. I usually try to limit to to one scheduled event a day. There is good reason for this, as I think Will's meltdown was due in large part to too many activities and a bit of leftover Grammaitis. However, this particular Monday both neighbors had family in town that they wanted us to meet and M was working late, so it seemed like a good idea. . . in theory. Other than the unusual number of outings, this was pretty much an average day.


5:30 PM: Sigh with relief when neighbor takes Will to play. He washes Will's face with a washcloth and I feel like a bit of an @ss for not doing it myself. [W: That's much better. Now it's time to play. See ya later, Mommy!]

5:31 PM: Sit down to nurse Emma. [E: It's about time, Mommy. Ahhhh, The Milk.]

5:40 PM: Chat with girlfriend and her sister about Life With Two. My girlfriend had her second baby girl a month before Emma was born and is having a hard time transitioning due to post partum depression. She just started medication and I am hoping it helps her. I reflect on how grateful I am that, so far, I am not having those issues.

5:45 PM: Why is it that toddlers cannot share toys? Time to intervene on yet another toy disagreement. [W: Oh, please, Mommy. Adults are not any better on sharing toys, you just hide it better.]

5:47 PM: Crisis averted there. They both moved on to another toy. [W: For now, Mommy. For now.]

5:55 PM: Eat dinner standing up, while wearing Emma in the Ergo, but constantly bouncing so she won't cry. [E: My tummy hurts. I think I have something called "gas." It feels better when Mommy bounces.]

5:56 PM: Try to get Will to eat some dinner, but he's too excited and wants to play with his friend. [W: It's too much fun to play. I can eat later!]

6:30 PM: Head home so we'll be there when M gets home.

6:45 PM: M gets home. Will is so happy to see Daddy. This is one of my favorite parts of the day. [W: Daddy's home! Yay, Daddy!] [E: The Man They Call Daddy is home. Since Will seems excited, I will be, too.]

7:30 PM: Tubby time for Emma while M plays with Will in the playroom. [E: Ahhhh, I love the tubby, especially that shiny round thing over there. I love the warm water, I love the massage Mommy gives me with the washcloth, I never want to get out.]

7:45 PM: Time to get Will in the tubby while M watches him so I can get Emma into jammies. [W: Okay, Emma, my turn! I love tubby time!] [E: Noooooooo! I don't want to get ooooooout!]

7:46 PM: Emma was so happy in the tubby and now she is greatly displeased and is going to let the entire neighborhood know about it. [E: Wah, wah, wah. I'm too upset to think of something clever.] [W: I am so happy in my tubby. Why is Emma crying?]

8:15 PM: Time to trade off again, so I can read stories and "rock rock" for one song. Lately, he is asking me to make up songs about his favorite things, like his friends, his sister, and objects that he likes. [W: I just like to hear how dumb these songs can be. Mommy goes all out.]

8:30 PM: Trade off with M so he can finish with the "rock rock." [W: I have these parents wrapped around my finger. This bedtime ritual is ridiculous. I'm tired after the first story, but they seem to need it for some reason and who am I to deny them their pleasures?]

8:31 PM: Swaddle Emma and nurse her until she falls asleep. [E: I really don't want to go to sleep. I am not at all tired. Oh, wait? I get The Milk? I will have some and just not fall asleep
. .. ]

8:44 PM: Put Emma "down for the night." She might stay down, she might not. It really just depends. [E: Yawn. . . I am awfully tired. I think I might actually go to sleep for right now. I can always wake her up later. . . many, many times.]

Finally get some time to sit down and watch a movie or some t.v. with my husband. What a wonderful, crazy, hectic day!

The End.

Well, hardly. It's really only the beginning.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Tell Emma that Elizabeth definitely shared her opinion of The Milk. Still does, actually. And Will is very clever to point out that adults really don't share very well either. Nor do we expect them to. Try walking up to a random person at the store and asking to play with their phone.

It is what it is said...

We were driving up to SF from LA and my son wanted to play with my cell phone (which usually I oblige but not this time) and when I said no he said, "Mama, you have to share. Everyone has to share all their things." Oh, they learn too well!

Hope you got a least a chunk o sleep. Makes me worry about submitting our phase one adoption paperwork. What if we really do get matched? Whatever will we do? (wink)