Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Short and Long of It

Rebecca asked if I would talk to my doctor about my anxiety.

The short answer is absolutely, 100% YES.

The longer answer (because I always have a longer answer) is that I wanted to give myself a week to work it out on my own. The feelings started last Friday and I was hoping it was temporary. I do feel a bit better right now, but I definitely still feel anxious. Tomorrow will be a week.

I have an appointment to have an IUD put in at the end of September. Part of me feels as if I should wait until then and talk to him about it if I am still having anxiety. Part of me feels as if that is way too long to wait. I'm just not sure that a week is long enough.

I am absolutely okay with being on medication, but I am a little concerned about nursing while I am on them. I know that thousands of women are doing it without harm to their babies, but it just makes me feel a little . . . guilty? No, that's not right. I don't feel guilty for taking care of myself. I just hate the thought of passing it on to Emma through my milk. So I also wanted to check in with our pediatrician and get her opinion on the best one to be on. I read somewhere that Zoloft doesn't pass through breastmilk and I need to do some research on that, too.

I realize this is a sensitive and extremely personal topic, so perhaps keep your comments anonymous if you prefer, but if you have any experience with either taking these medications or other solutions/suggestions, please leave them for me.


Anonymous said...

I do not have any experience with these medications, but have a friend who was put on this for several months after the birth of her son. The medication definitely helped her and improved the way she was feeling. I would talk to your doctor now and not wait until the end of the month. Even if you feel like you are not ready for a prescription, it would probably be good to discuss your options with your doctor. You are doing a great job!

Amanda said...

I'm not ashamed to leave my name because there is no shame in any form of mental illness (temporary or otherwise). Of course there's no shame in not wanting to share with the world, either.

I have been on Zoloft off and on for many years. The last time I was on it was for PPD after the boys. It helped me immensely! It was wonderful to be able to get back to who I truly am instead of the mess that hormones can turn me into.

I don't think you should wait to talk to your doctor. Why endure it any longer than you have to? Plus, the meds will take some time to build up and become effective.

I already plan on talking to my OB about getting on something as soon as this newest baby is born (see how I'm being optimistic that there's going to be a THB). I plan on being more proactive instead of waiting for it to hit me next time.

I really hope you're able to feel better soon. (((hugs)))

A New Beginning said...

I am planning on BF once our baby gets here as well. Due to past issues with PPD, I have asked to be given a prescription before I leave the hospital. According to the doctor, it will be Zoloft. So, just thought I would let you know, my doctor concurs with the others. Zoloft is safe for BF.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I don't know personally, but I can give you the phone number of my LLL leader. She's really nice and very knowledgeable.

Elise said...

Katie, one of my very good friends was on Zoloft her entire pregnancy and was able to breastfeed while taking it, as well.

Big hugs...I've had anxiety issues in the past and I know how difficult it is.

Anonymous said...

I've been a lurker for years. Not a blogger. I had anxiety after having both my children. Couldn't sleep - not a wink for over five days. I took different meds each time. First - paxil (only a few days when I really needed it) and trazadone. With my second, the first night I couldn't sleep I went to the ER (it was a weekend - my OB would only prescribe zoloft). I took ativan and zoloft. Ativan only for a few days to get through the worst and Zoloft for a few months. I nursed both times and haven't seen any ill effects. I really felt like I wanted to enjoy my babies and there is no way I could have done that without some treatment. I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

((many hugs)) sweetie. Sorry I've been so quiet but I've been trying to catch up. I was on Zoloft for a bit an had a lot of succes. I haven't used it while nursing as I wasn't comfortable. Last time around I should have used it. This time I'm coping better.

Please keep us posted on how your doing. Thinking of you.

PamalaLauren said...

A friend of mine took it while breastfeeding. So I assume it's okay. I've never had to test the theory, I didn't breastfeed either of my girls, nor did I get help when I needed it with my oldest. I've been lucky with this newbie and haven't had a problem.

Just remember, happy mommy = happy baby (or babies in your case since you have two children) and in the end whether you do breastfeed or not isn't as important as to whether those little ones are enjoying a happy mother.

cgd said...

I have no words of wisdom as far as breast feeding goes, but I am a psychologist and really do beleive that a happy, calmer mother is more important than continued breast feeding. You deserve to be helped and take care of yourself. Therapy (if you are open to it and have time being a new mommy) may also be helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Elise said...

Oh, and you might want to check out this book: 'Medications and Mothers' Milk: A Manual of Lactational Pharmacology' by Thomas W. Hale, PhD. It is a reference book and considered to be the Bible on drugs (both Rx and OTC) and breastfeeding. Includes lactation risk categories for each drug entry. This is the book used by doctors and pharmacies. I found this book to be invaluable while nursing....I like being able to read the study results, etc. myself.

Stacey said...

I have no advice or suggestions to offer, but just wanted to leave some words of support. Hoping and praying that you and your doctor will work out a plan that will be best for you and Emma. Thanks for opening up about this!

Searching said...

Please don't wait! You are worth the call and trip to the doc! I've had lots of mommas on antidepressants while nursing (NICU mommas, they prob should just add some to the water fountains!! Poor things!). The doc should be able to tell you what would be safe and could always consult with a lactation expert. Keeping you in my prayers! Anxiety is a nasty beast.