Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The burning and pain got a lot worse as the day went on yesterday, so since M was already taking the afternoon off work to go to traffic court, I decided it was the perfect time to leave the kiddos with him and try to get into the doctor.

I didn't really know whether to call good ol' Dr. S's office or my primary care doctor. I ended up calling Dr. S (he's got the GYN in his title after all) and they got me in with a Nurse Practitioner yesterday afternoon.

She did a pretty thorough exam and didn't see anything amiss with the girly bits. She didn't see any yeast, either visibly or under the microsope. There was no bacteria present in the swab she took. She did note that I looked "breastfeedish" in there (I swear, she said that!), which means that it looked kind of dry and thin. She said that could account for the burning.

I also left a urine sample, and that revealed lots of nasty, so it turns out that I have a urinary tract infection. However, she also thought it could be the breastfeeding causing some of the burning, so she also prescribed an estrogen cream to shove up the ol' hoo haw.

Next up? An interesting job offer has been brought to me by an old boss. I really don't know wht to think or do about this. I love being home with the children, but it has meant that we don't have the financial security we might have. It would be a full time position, but it would be a work from home job similar to what I did before, so there would be a lot of flexibility. I would make enough that we could hire a nanny to come to our house and we could take advantage of this economy to buy a bigger house with the "luxuries" of a guest bedroom and an actual yard for our kdis and dogs to play in. Things have been tight lately, what with lots of medical bills from Will's surgery and Emma's birth. In an ideal world, I would stay home and we'd have plenty of money, but this isn't Neverland. Part of me thinks we'd be idiots to pass up this opportunity and part of me can't imagine handing Emma to someone. Plus the job would require three weeks away from home for training. In about a month. Now, I could take Emma with me if I could find someone to come with me to care for her while I was in training all day, but what about Will? Yeah, I think it's probably just too silly to even think about and yet. . . it's in my head.


It is what it is said...

Gosh, not sure what to say about the job offer other than to say that my ex-boss made me an offer when my son was 13 months old. I had had no intention of going back to work. But, it was a similar in that I could work 9 - 4, and from home (even though I did have a work office, too). I know you are seriously considering it and I think you should go for it if you can arrange care for your 3 wk trip. There are many ways to do it (and I would require the company pay for it or subsidize it).
GOOD LUCK and how awesome for you, no matter what you decide.

Beth said...

Gahhh...the neverending (internal) battle of SAH, WOH, WAH-Mamas....oiy. I wish there were a simple solution!

If it makes you feel better, I'm currently in the same battle with myself! I've decided that if nothing else works out, I will work PT doing no-brainer work a few evenings a week while hubby watches our kiddos. Sucks for couple time, but it would help us make ends-meet.

It's seems like it would be hard to pass up an offer like yours. Could you try it out for a while, and then if you hate it, quit? The 3 week training seems like it's the tricky part...I know I'd feel completely torn having a small nursing baby. Any chance they can delay the start for a few months? Or train in a different way to accommodate you?
Any college age kids at church that could help out with Will during the training?

Keep us posted, and many hugs to you in your decision-making process!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I don't think it is too silly to think about! That sounds like a pretty extraordinary work situation. Is it something that you'd enjoy doing?

christine said...

Take the job. 3 weeks would fly!

Ms. J said...

Have you considered perhaps taking this job from a sanity point of view? Especially if you could still work from home, have some scheduling flexibility, and so on? I'm thinking about how much you've been going through lately (PPD on the fringe) and perhaps it might be a healthy thing, mentally.

As for the three weeks of training - could you have the family stay with you on weekends? Or MIL and the kids? If you're going to be making enough money in short order, then the expenditure now might be worth to have them come stay with you for a bit.