Friday, September 24, 2010

Off To Gramma's

In the lottery of MIL's, I feel as if I really hit the jackpot. Sure, my MIL has annoyed me from time to time. I think that's just part and parcel of the dynamics of the relationship.

For the most part, however, my MIL is easy to get along with, supportive of my relationship with her son and our family, and she is probably the most amazing grandmother, ever. Today is her birthday and she asked, over a month ago, if she could have Will on her special day. She takes him once a month for us, and would do it more often if we wanted. This last month, she came here once, too, so that we could get away for dinner and a movie.

In addition to taking him for several days a month, she also comes and gets him and takes him back to her house. As she lives an hour away, this is no small favor. We will then go get him on Saturday, but it makes it nicer to only have to do half of the driving, especially since Emma is still not a huge fan of the car.

The very best part about these trips to Gramma's House is that Will loves it. I think he enjoys being the only show in town again. And I would want to go someplace where I am loved as much as this kid is loved at his Gramma's. My husband's grandmother, Will's Nana, lives there, too, and the two of them dote on him to an almost ridiculous level. I say almost ridiculous, because I do believe that's what grandparents are for. I love the fact that they spoil him with love, attention, and all of his favorite foods (they still make him follow the rules and say his pleases and thank yous, so they are not completely spoiling him). I love the fact that he feels so safe and special with them.

He apparently loves it, too, because the minute Gramma arrived yesterday, he was putting on his shoes and packing his little Spiderman case with special toys to take with him. I put him in the car with his Pillow, blankie, and sunglasses. He kissed me goodbye and then called out to my MIL (who was still loading his suitcase into the car), "C'mon, Gramma, I'm ready to go!"

It is so funny to think that we were dealing with his intense separation anxiety just a year ago and now look at him! Such a big boy!


HereWeGoAJen said...

That's wonderful that he likes going there so much!

Anonymous said...

how great is that!

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

I agree with the MIL thing! My mom died 2 weeks after I got married from cancer and never got to meet her grandbabies. I KNOW she would've been all over them and spoiling them rotten. So it's nice to have a great MIL when my own mom isn't here.

And they live like five blocks away, LOL! So that's always nice!