Friday, August 20, 2010

Two Years

Dearest Will,
Two years ago today, our lives changed forever. I recently heard someone describe it as a freight train coming when a new baby is born and that certainly describes it. Nothing is ever going to be the same. And that's a good thing.

You have made my life such a joyful thing. You have made us prioritize and remember what is important in life. You took me out of the rat race and made me slow down to be on your pace. I am so very thankful for you every single day. I once wondered if I would ever be a mother and the wait to be one was so painful. I am glad those days are behind me, but I would live them over again if I had to, just for the chance to spend the rest of my life being your mom.

You are an amazing Little Man. I always get compliments on your smile, your cheerful disposition, and your verbal prowess. You keep us all laughing with some of the things that come out of your mouth. You are tenacious, strong, independent, and resilient. You are have the biggest heart, are good to your friends, and are always quick with an "I love you" and a hug.
You have accomplished so much this year. You have learned to walk, sing, talk in complete sentences, share your toys with friends, eat with a fork and spoon, and so much more. What I am most proud of you for is the way you have handled becoming a big brother. You are wonderful to your sister and always eager to hug and love her.

I can't wait for the coming year and to see how much more you will grow and change. Through it all, I hope you know how much your daddy, sister, and I love you and how proud we are to be your family.

Love always,


Manapan said...

Happy birthday, Will!

Searching said...

Happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Will! He's so handsome! :)