Monday, August 23, 2010

The Shadow Knows

Will is afraid of the dark.

Well, not the dark, per se.

Rather, the shadows created in his room at night, by a variety of things (light on his air filter, light on the a/c unit, light from the hallway under his door). A nightlight doesn't work, since he is afraid of shadows.

And a nightlight creates shadows. So, this created a bit of a problem.

Thank goodness, we found the Twilight Sea Turtle. Just to make it clear, I have not been paid for this blog entry. I have NEVER been paid for anything that I have written on this blog. I'd love to get paid for blogging since I do it constantly :), but I NEVER have been. I've never even gotten a freebie (what am I doing wrong? - LOL!). So, this is a completely unbiased review for a product that has literally changed our life. I am telling you about it for that reason!

Will loves this turtle. It is a plush turtle body with a plastic shell, so it can safely sit in his crib with him. It is easy for him to turn off or on or to change the colors by simply pressing a button. It is on a 45 minute timer, so it stays on way long enough for him to fall asleep, but not so long that it runs down the batteries. It makes a neat pattern on the ceiling, providing light but. . . (and, people, this is key) NO SHADOWS.

It is cheapest to buy it through Amazon, but worth every penny if you suddenly find yourself with a dark or shadow paranoid toddler and have to pay retail (it takes about a week to get it through Amazon). For those of you who have read this blog for awhile, you know that I hate paying full price for anything. Friends, I would pay for this full price twice if I had to. Three times, even. That is how life-changing our friend the sea turtle has been.

You're welcome.


Amy said...

we have the same one! SO cute!!

Tracy said...

That is very cute...the only thing I don't like is that it depends on batteries. We have this one, and Evan LOVES it:

He carries the little man around with him.

Elise said...

I received this as a shower gift and our little Will absolutely LOVES it. It's a must have!!!

Katie said...

Tracy, I hear you on the batteries, but we borrowed a friend's Mobi Tyke Light to give it a trial-run, and it still made shadows. But I think it's a great idea. The good thing about the turtle is that we've had it almost a month now and haven't had to change the batteries yet!

And, Elise, I think this is a GREAT shower and/or first birthday present, especially if you plan ahead and can get it at the Amazon price.

Rebecca said...

We have used this ever since the twins were tiny little they yell at me about which color to use, but they still love it. It's become my standby baby present. They have a ladybug too!

Anonymous said...

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Thanks for blogging! I make sure to read your blog (through RSS feed) and have been for over two years.