Monday, August 2, 2010

Knocking On Wood

Today went surprisingly well. As Jen said, any day that ended in us all alive would be a successful one. You could say I didn't have the highest expectations going into it and perhaps that helped me to be realistic about what the day would bring.

The morning was pretty smooth. Emma woke first and nursed and I jumped in the shower before M left for work. Will got up and we headed downstairs for breakfast. I got dressed and changed Emma while he ate and then I got him ready. And we were out the door and ten minutes early to our mom's group!

Will did have a meltdown on our return home. I think he got used to M being around and perhaps thought he'd be here when we got home. He was disappointed and a little tired from his morning of play and it resulted in a pretty serious tantrum. Of course, Emma was also hungry at that precise moment so I had to do a little Mommy Triage. I went with the kid that needed me most (Emma) since the other one (Will) was basically being a little turkey. I tried to comfort him and when that didn't work, I changed his diaper and put him in his crib (it was naptime). I nursed Emma on one side and then put her down to go deal with him. By that time, he had tired himself out and a quick "rock rock" later and he went down easily for his nap. I then returned to Emma and nursed her on the other side.

We had a pleasant afternoon. Emma napped for most of it and my girlfriend came over with her little boy and Will got more playtime. I then felt up to making a regular dinner. . . no heated leftovers or something from the freezer. As much as I appreciated all of the people who brought us meals, it was exciting to get back in the kitchen and prepare a meal for my family. I made M's favorite and I think he was pretty surprised to come home and find dinner well on its way to being done, the bed made, and the kids alive!

Of course, Emma woke up just as I served dinner, and was ready for her dinner so my timing was a bit off there. But I didn't mind, I just sat on the couch (which is near the dining table) so we all could still talk while she ate. When she was done, M held her so I could eat.

So, we still have bedtime to get through (which has been a bit of a challenge lately), but I would call today a success. Everyone is still alive. Now. . . onto tomorrow!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Hooray! I knew you could do it. And I know you can do it again today!

Christine said...

I know you are not a fan of tv but I have 5 month old twins and a 21 month old daughter. My daughter can usually handle me feeding one baby but by the time I am ready to feed the second she will sometimes get upset. On those days I will put on an episode of Barney. A lot of the shows these days is learning and not just junk. We will sing and learn colors, counting etc... It helps with the feedings and I try to leave the tv off the rest of the day. Works for me. You are doing great!

peesticksandstones said...

I think I'm going to have to make a 10-foot-wide mural in my house with those words of wisdom: any day that ends with us all alive is a good one!

It is so cool hearing how you are all navigating such new waters -- I wonder often how moms of more than one deal from moment to moment. It sounds like you all are doing fantastic.

Also sounds like, if there has ever been a time when TV is "okay" (and I think people have gone overboard making it seem like heroin this days) it is now! My vote is for "Yo Gabba Gabba". Been getting those DVDs off Netflix, and it IS like crack... for me and my son. Trouble is, I waste that 20 mins of possible time for myself to go do stuff because I can't stop watching!

Jen said...

For me 2u2 hasn't been as horrible as I feared. It helps that my #2 is much easier than my #1. But also, I just don't get worked up when both are screaming any more. It all ends at some point.

"No" and "Stop" are the words I hear over and over at my house as Jillian keeps establishing her independence. I have to keep reminding myself that she is only 21 months and her behavior is normal for her age. It is easy to think of her as naughty compared to the good little baby who just eats and sleeps, so I have to watch myself with that.

Sounds like you are doing great. Hang in there!

Red said...

Good to hear! I like to hear about those little details abut how life is with 2 kids. I have no idea how our serene little life with just Champ and I will go once Lucky is here. Nice to know that most of the time life can still be under control with 2!

Nicky said...

I agree with others -- sounds like you're all doing great. And I *love* to hear about how you're handling things day by day. With number two on the way for me as well, I'm more than a little freaked out about how I will ever leave the house. Hearing how you're managing with the mundane nap-and-feeding stuff is exactly what I need right now!