Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She Likes It, Likes It Not

Emma likes. . .

the Ergo.

nursing every two hours.

blowing out a diaper. Man, this little girl can poop! Loud and proud.

to be bounced. . . bounced. . . and bounced some more. My exercise ball is finally getting a workout!

Emma doesn't like. . .

car rides.

the swing for more than a few minutes.

napping on her own (like brother, like sister).

going to bed before 11 (also very reminiscent of early days with Will).


HereWeGoAJen said...

She sounds like a very sensible girl! Have you tried the exercise ball with her in the sling? That was almost always a guaranteed nap for Elizabeth.

Ms. J said...

Peanut does not like to be "in" on the decision it's time for her to nap. But if I carry her in a basket hold on my hip and ignore her while I do chores when I sense she is crabby and needs a nap? Within 2 minutes I look down and BOOM falls asleep when nobody is looking.

She is also a Sneak Puker as you know. So perhaps a career as a Spy in her future?

Annalien said...

I also have a "blow her diaper" little one. When she was a newborn, she used to dirty her diaper with every feed and usually the diaper would hold, but then after a few weeks she suddenly changed to one dirty diaper a week and then she let go what I guess constituted the week's worth! One time I was in the middle of changing her diaper when she let rip and it just kept coming and coming! And then she rounded it off with a wee - it was an incredible mess! Her 3-year old brother was watching and his face was something to behold. He ran off to tell his dad that Amari had made a million poopies and one pee.