Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Month Old Already

Darling Emma-Girl,

I thought time went quickly when your brother was a newborn, but this is just ridiculous. How is it even possible that you are one month old today?

You are such a joy to our family, my precious girl. Your big brother has started calling you "My Emma," especially when another overzealous toddler tries to touch you. He is very good about giving you cuddles and loves, and even though we have to remind him to be gentle, he is mostly very good. When we are packing up to go someplace and you are crying in your carseat, he will go over and "rock rock" you as he has seen Daddy and me do. Possibly the greatest joy that I have is seeing how much he loves you and knowing how much you will soon love him in return. I know you will not always get along, but I do believe you will always be there for each other.

You are a wonderful sleeper. You usually are up only once or twice a night. Granted, you hang out with Daddy and me until bedtime, so you are a bit of a night owl, but I know your bedtime will come earlier and I will miss hanging out with my girl at night. The last two nights, you have gone to bed with us at 10, woken once between 2 and 3, and then slept until morning. I have very much appreciated this schedule and hope it continues! But I don't mind getting up with you at night, because you are usually all business, eager to eat, get your diaper changed, and get back to bed.

You are still wearing newborn diapers, but you are gaining weight quickly. You are still fitting mostly newborn sizes, but a few are getting too snug. You don't like to be swaddled with your hands in or wear those pesky newborn gloves, so you sport a few scratches on your face. You have a tiny bit of cradle cap in your hairline and some baby acne. Despite all of this, you are such a pretty baby and I get compliments on your sweet face all of the time.

You love to eat, though you aren't quite as voracious as your brother was. You also don't linger at my breast like he did. You are all business. You are hungriest at night right before bed, but I think you are "tanking up" to give me those luxurious stretches of sleep, so I don't mind.

You are more alert these days, staying awake for longer periods of time, making eye contact, and your grandmother swears up and down that you smiled for her last Friday.

We love you so much, precious girl, and can't wait for the many milestones ahead. I am so blessed to be your mother and we are so blessed to be your family.

Love always,


Annalien said...

Wow the time has flown by! Love the photos - VERY cute!

Rebecca said...

So cute! I love that Will calls her "My Emma."

HereWeGoAJen said...

Awww, My Emma. I am melting.

Mel said...

So precious, I love that face.... I have a photo with an almost identical expression from L around this same age.

Time really is flying!!! It sounds like your little family is doing great, though, and you are an AMAZING mom to juggle it all like you have been.

Searching said...

Beautiful! I love the pic of the two of them! So happy for you!!!

Stacey said...

Katie, she is beautiful! I can't believe it has been a month already.