Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm A Good Mother - And So Are You!

Parenthood is wonderful, but unfortunately, I have found it to be extremely divisive and competitive. It seems as if every decision that one makes is questioned in some form. Stay at home or work outside of the home? Breastfeed or bottle or combination? Co-sleep or crib-sleep? Cry it out or not? TV or no TV? No matter what choice you make it seems there are articles, studies, and a host of outspoken friends, relatives, and strangers on the street ready to make you second-guess yourself. Parenting is tough enough without the Peanut Gallery weighing in.

That is why I love everything about this article. Please click over and give it a read. I honestly want to print this, laminate it, and carry it around so that the next time I am judged (or perhaps even need a gentle reminder not to be one of those judges myself) I can say, "I'm a good mom and it's not because I do or don't do XYZ." I also want to share it with moms that I care about (like you!) as inspiration for those days when you aren't sure what the right choices are because, as it turns out, the "right" or "wrong" choices aren't what defines you as a "good" mom.


It is what it is said...

One of the benefits of being an older mom (I'm 44 now, gads!) is that I do the best I can, feel secure in the decisions I make, and do not care what others think. And, maybe I give off a vibe that says "keep your judgments to yourself" because I have never felt judged. I have a "live and let live attitude" that has served me well.

You are a GREAT mother :)

Searching said...

YES you are!!! Love the article! I have some mommies who need to hear that! I wish I could be there 24/7 with arms crossed, sternly saying "shut up!" to all the naysayers in their lives. Life is hard enough and it's always the mommas who love their babies who are so beat up by others. The ones who "forget" to feed their kids or dress them in clean clothes are never told a word when I'm around (other than from me!) but the ones making themselves sick with stress over working, kids, doc appts, all their babies' issues are the ones with the families and friends just going at them nonstop. I really and truly want to smack some of them. Thanks for sharing this!

Michele said...

Great article!

Jen said...

Thank you for this article. I often feel like the only formula feeding working mom among some of my friends and it is hard to feel like I'm not doing it all wrong sometimes despite my happy and healthy kids. I get so sick of the I'm better than you mom rat race.