Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No Use Crying Over Spilled Wine

Ah, parenthood. It's a rollercoaster ride.

I can't speak for having more than two children, but whether you have one or two, there are good days and bad days, good and bad moments, and things can change very quickly. The only
difference I have noticed with having more than one is that when it gets bad, it seems to get bad just a bit faster, because it's harder to control the situation when you are outnumbered.

Yesterday started out great. We went to a friend's house and played in their pool. It's not an inground pool but it is much bigger than the little wading pool that we have for Will and it has a slide. I didn't even think Will would get in it to be honest but I was proven very wrong. Not only did he get in, he also enjoyed the slide and that's what he and his little friend did for about an hour. He was exhausted by the time we headed home and he took a great nap.

I tried to lay down myself because I have been feeling sore lately. I am not sure why I am sore now, when I haven't been for weeks, but I definitely have been, so I am trying to take it easy. Emma didn't think taking a nap was a good idea, however, so I ended up not getting a nap and folding laundry with her in the Ergo.

But things were still okay. . . and then. . .

My mistake was probably that I decided to do too much all at once. We were out of milk, not a drop left, and Will is a milkaholic, so that just doesn't work in this house! We needed a few other things as well, so I packed the kids into the car and we headed to the store once Will was up for his nap. The shopping trip itself went okay as I used the Ergo for Emma and found a car cart for Will to "drive." I didn't have that much to get, so we weren't there long and Will was kept busy by a free cookie from the bakery.

It was in the check out line that things got a little dicey. Will wanted out of the cart and tried to undo his own belt, which of course, he couldn't do and got frustrated. Emma also woke up, which she never does in the carrier, and she was upset. So I had two screaming kiddos by the time we left the store. Things took a turn for the worse when I tried to get Will out of the cart when we got to the car and the clasp was jammed. It was almost 90 degrees out, so we were all hot and sweaty, Emma was still screaming, and now Will was, too. A nice guy stopped and tried to help me with the clasp, but he couldn't get it either. He pulled out his pocket knife and took care of the situation, but I was a bit unnerved by a complete stranger working so closely to Will's tummy with a sharp knife (I had no reason to be, he was a completely nice guy, but . . .).

I loaded the groceries into the back of the car, put my screaming kids into the car, and we were on our way. Will stopped crying once he was back in his carseat, but Emma screamed, purple with rage, the whole way home (which, fortunately, is only about five minutes). I have never seen her scream like this so I was a little alarmed. We got home and I got us all in the house and tried to feed Emma, but she was so worked up, she wouldn't eat, just screamed and screamed. Will was playing contentedly in his playroom and my groceries included perishables, so I put Emma back in the carrier and went back out to the car to unload the groceries.

As I opened the hatch, one of the bags tumbled out. Unfortunately, it happened to contain the bottle of wine I had purchased for a dinner party on Sunday, which of course, smashed all over the driveway. Emma was still screaming and I heard Will yelling for me from inside the house, so I grabbed the milk and slammed the door shut. . . catching my finger in the door jam. It was only the tip, but it was just one more turd on the pile at that point.

I went back in the house, got Will the water he was asking for, and tried to feed Emma again. This time, she latched on and I settled back with a shaky sigh.

At this point, all of this just built up to some more tears. . . mine. When M came home a few minutes later, I was sitting on the couch crying, nursing Emma, while Will played quietly with his trains. Of course, he had also noticed the wine spilled on the driveway. He asked what was wrong and I told him that everything was fine, I was just overwhelmed.

He took Will outside with him to get the rest of the groceries. The rest of the evening went fine, although I have noticed that Emma is definitely a bit fussier at night this week and hasn't slept as well these past two nights. This is the week that things started getting a bit tougher with Will, and 4 - 6 weeks is the time that colic shows up for most babies, so I am a bit nervous. But I also know that this is a hard couple of weeks for any baby, so I am hoping with all of my heart that Emma doesn't get colicky. But if she does, we'll get through it.

I just might need to buy more wine!


Beth said...
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Beth said...

(ahem...let me try again!)

You definitely need to replenish that wine! ;)

I have been in that situation, almost exactly...except my bottle of wine broke in the grocery store parking lot instead of the driveway, you poor woman! Such an irony to parenthood, no?

Hang in there ~ "this too shall pass"! You're doing a fabulous job with your Littles.

Hugs, Mama!

Ms. J said...

OMG, what a cluster*huck of events to happen to you all at once!!! I am amazed you were able to brave shopping at all with Emma being so young (I still get shaky with my two, and Peanut is nearing 6 months!)

That would have been stressful with one child, let alone two, and a BF-ing, hormonal, sore Mommy in tow!!!

Next time, buy two bottles of wine - so you can have a glass to reward yourself for surviving ;o)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I hate it when life conspires against us like that. I hope today is better.

Anonymous said...

That's terrible! No wonder you were crying and shaky! Take care of yourself. Ask your husband to pick up milk on his way home. You're doing great!

Nicky said...

Ick, what a day! Hope today goes better for you.

I just wanted to say that I had the same issue with soreness after LL was born -- I was fine for a few weeks, then started to feel really sore again. My doctor told me that it was a sign that I was trying to do too much before being fully recovered. Which, um, is kind of hard to do something about when you're chasing after a kid or two. Trying to get in naps is a good call. Maybe have some more small playdates so that you have another adult nearby to chase after Will while you can sit quietly with Emma for a while? If you can manage 2-3 days of less running around, you'll start to feel better again.

Rebecca said...

Holy crap...I would have been sucking the wine off my driveway after a trip like that. Those buckles freak me out so much sometimes...Matt got his finger stuck in one the other day. Sorry you had a day like that!

Sunny said...

First, GOOD LORD WOMAN, where you do find the time (and concentration) to keep posting so much?! I am truly impressed, you are a master blogger to be sure. Glad you guys are all doing well, even if there are moments of insanity. That's life, right? :)

And thanks for the info on fenugreek. I am weaning myself off of it ever so slowly. I am too scared to just stop, even though it will probably be okay. The thought of two hungry, crying babies... *shiver*

Debby said...

omg what a compilation of events! sounds awful! you are a super momma just for being able to go to the store with 2 kiddos. So first thing, remember that. 2nd....when you buy the next bottle of wine....take the time to enjoy a glass of it too. A well timed glass of wine between feedings can make for a more mellow momma. :-) At least it works for me.

It is what it is said...

OMG, I want to give you a hug and a hand! I totally feel for you. It is overwhelming and I hope the cry helped. You had such a convergence of ugh!

I hope you get some much deserved sleep tonight (honestly, that is the thing that worries me as we contemplate #2, the sleep deprivation which makes everything so much worse!). I hope the little lady cooperates :)