Thursday, August 19, 2010

It Has Begun

Week four is when it all started to come apart with Will's sleeping.

Last night it all fell apart with Emma's sleeping. I am hoping it was a one-off and that she'll be back to dreamland tonight.

But I am buckling up, dear readers, for what might be a bumpy road ahead.


Ms. J said...

Dammit, how did you get an extra week? Ours was week three with Peanut. (I am trying to make you feel better).

I had no idea how sucky this time was, despite having heard others discuss it on their blogs. At least you won't be shocked this time?! (again, me trying to help).

Oh hell, make sure you have a strategy in place - for us it was a room that had a tv with DVR on it so we could catch up on programs we'd missed. We also instituted the "no more than one hour rule" - meaning that if you'd been up with the baby for more than one hour you had to trade off with the other (sleeping) parent in the name of sanity.

Debby said...

oh nooooo!!! i hope it was just a weird night and doesn't repeat itself!

Searching said...

Praying for a good night!!!

Jen said...

Good luck! I've always been a person who valued my sleep, which of course was completely derailed by parenthood. Expected or not, it can be so difficult to deal with.