Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

1. For some reason, this week has been a bit challenging from an emotional standpoint. Grumpy-non-filter Katie has been replaced by over-emotional-weepy Katie. It almost makes me miss the bitchy first trimester me. I was reading through some old posts (to compare pregnancy symptoms) and I hit an emotional wall about this time last pregnancy as well. I am so glad that I kept such a careful record of things last time around, so I am not as thrown by everything this time. But it is still weird to feel so off-balance, even when I know that it is (for me, anyway) part and parcel of a normal pregnancy.

2. Will is loving spending time with his Daddy lately. I am old news the minute M steps through the door after work. It is so neat to watch their relationship deepen into something so special. As I type this, they are playing with his tool set in the playroom. It is so sweet to hear them together. I tried to be all super-sly and sneak in to get some video, but apparently, super-sly is not one of my skills and the video just shows an annoyed M asking to not be videoed and Will hamming it up for the camera.

3. My neck and shoulder are feeling a lot better after just one session with my PT-Goddess, K. I have another session with her today, which I know will make me a bit sore, but it's worth it!

4. My MIL is coming to watch Will for me while I go to PT. I also plan to do some grocery shopping just to give them some more time together. There has been a bit of a disconnect with my MIL since the whole separation anxiety thing reared its ugly head this fall. I know she is disappointed that Will is not more comfortable with her, but she has been too busy to come our way at all since then. Though we have tried to be better about going up there, it isn't something that we can always do. I have encouraged her to come our way (she has several days off during the week) just to hang out and play, but it hasn't worked into her schedule so far. Fingers crossed that it goes well today so she will be more encouraged to come more often.

5. Will now says octopus. I just think that's a funny thing for an 18-month old to say. He can also tell you his name if he is asked. If you ask him how old he is, however, his answer is a definitive, "TWO." He stands by this no matter how many times you tell him he is one. The other day, when I was getting an oil change, he started flirting with a lady who then asked me what his height/weight percentiles were. I told her and she seemed surprised that he was "so small" for two. I laughed and told her that he was actually only 18 months. She thought he was quite convincing about his age.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

I love that he thinks he is two. And octopus is the coolest word!

Laura said...

I hope you p/t goes well and your little guy time with his grandma. That's tough.

I just asked Roo (20 months) to say "octopus." Hilarious!!!!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Those are great words!

Danifred said...

I think your grouchy, say anything persona has entered my body. I've been fierce this past week!

Love that he says octopus, LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

I love catching my little ones playing with Daddy and having so much fun! And I agree with everyone else - octopus is awesome! (Teach him 'woodpecker' next . . . nothing cracks me up like my 3-year-old saying woodpecker!)