Monday, March 8, 2010

Bump in the Belly

My absolute favorite part about pregnancy is feeling the baby move. I have been feeling Emma since about 15 weeks, but they were flutters and taps, and more of that, "Was that the baby or just my lunch?" feelings rather than true, definitive movement.

The past week, those flutters and taps have been getting stronger. The past couple of days, it has been no doubt that it's my little girl (eeeeek, still makes me giddy to say that!!!!) causing the ruckus in the belly! I love it. It's not to the point where someone could feel her from the outside, but I have a feeling that's not very far away. M felt Will move at 24 weeks, so it should be soon. I can't wait!

She is also causing outward appearances to change. I think I am pretty much past the beer gut phase and into the belly phase. I also have gained some serious weight in the past couple of weeks and have now surpassed my prepregnancy weight. I can no longer fit into prepregnancy jeans and have gone maternity. I have missed these comfy waistbands, that's for sure!

I keep hearing people say how tiny I am. That is something that I never heard with Will. A couple of weeks ago, I thought I looked about the same. But these pictures from 20 weeks pregnant with Will have convinced me that I am carrying this baby differently. While I will agree that my belly is smaller this time around, I am noticing the dreaded "back fat" much earlier and also feel as if my hips have spread much sooner, too. I feel as if I carried Will higher up and Emma seems wider and lower. So, it's kind of a trade off. Here are the 20 week pictures with Will for your viewing/comparing pleasure.

Last night, we were at Target and I was walking next to Will in the cart while M pushed. I was absentmindedly rubbing the belly and Will reached out, patted my belly, and said, "Hi, Baby!"

So precious. Until he kind of ruined the moment by reaching out and patting M's belly and saying, "Hi, Baby!"
M is going on a diet!
Now, for some reason, it is so much easier to take belly pictures when Will is down for a nap. So I need to catch up on his belly shots. However, while I was taking these pictures, he was singing himself to sleep. You have to listen carefully and have the volume turned way up, but this will have to do instead of cute baby belly shots. . . cute baby singing video!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Nope, sorry, I broke the sound card in my computer weeks ago, so I cannot accept your offering of cute baby singing because I cannot HEAR it. I will require photographic cute baby instead.

J said... the belly! you look great. And I think I see Will auditioning for American Idol in the future! that's too cute.


Anonymous said...
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Michele said...

I laughed so hard I almost wet myself! "Hi Baby!" Too Cute!!!

Anonymous said...

You look great! And I agree--Feeling movement really is the best part of pregnancy. :)

kim said...

I think you have a cute baby belly in both pics. I did have a Dr. once say "If you can tell a woman is pregnant from the back, it's a girl." That's not always the case I know, but it was funny to hear.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, those do look like some comfy pants. I think I want those just for lounging. :) And are those your ribs I see in the second photo? Either way, you've got a cute little bump!

Katie said...

Manapan, you are too cute! I'll mail you these pants when I grow out of them in a few weeks, so you can use them for lounging. . . and maternity, because I *KNOW* that wonderful miracle is coming to you!!!

And ribs? Where? Unless you could see the BBQ rib sauce on my shirt? Or the rib I was snacking on?!? LOL! :)

Mel said...

Both pregnancies, both cute bellies. What is funny to me, though, is no matter HOW MANY TIMES someone told me that, I just rolled my eyes. I was fat, no matter what anyone said. (so if you are rolling your eyes at me, I totally understand)

Laura said...

Katie, you're looking great!

Laura said...

Katie, you're looking great!