Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

1. First off, what a relief to know I am not the only one that uses parenting "crutches" every once in awhile! It's nice to know I am not alone!
2. I have an old neck injury from a car accident I was in when I was 16 that comes up every once in awhile. Right after Will was born, when I was trying out nursing positions and getting used to my hefty little boy, it acted up. The way it works is that my shoulder starts hurting, then across the top of my back, and then something small will throw out my neck and it's awful. I see a physical therapist for it, but she is extremely popular. . . and booked out a month. Well, my shoulder has been hurting since Thanksgiving, so I knew it was only a matter of time. On Wednesday morning, I was toweling my hair dry and felt my neck seize up. I'm on the wait list for my PT, so fingers crossed I get in soon, since I can't take anything more than Tylenol for the pain.
3. I "cleaned" bathrooms yesterday that didn't need cleaning. This is so not me, but I liked how it felt, as if I was channeling my inner Martha Stewart. I wouldn't really say that I cleaned them, more than just wiped up and quickly mopped using my Swiffer. Oh, and thanks to the lovely Jen, I also purchased these reusable pads for my sweeper. It will save a ton of money over buying the pads that came with it. They arrived this week and I think it does take a little extra "push" to use them, but I like that you can also flip them over and use them again before tossing them in the wash. I haven't had to refill my cleaner bottle yet, but this tutorial will come in handy when I do.

4. Will broke through two molars this week. And he has a cold. Poor little bug. He didn't eat anything for three days and then last night, he ate more than me for dinner. I don't know if I will ever get used to this toddler way of eating.

5. Did I mention that I finally quit my job? My two weeks' notice was over last Friday and my boss is still calling and e-mailing me as if I still work for them. Weird.

6. Does anyone else feel guilty taking a nap when their kid does? I wish that I could just get into bed and not feel guilty about it, but I rarely can, even if I am tired (and I am always tired lately). I end up cleaning a bathroom instead. Or blogging, but at least I am sitting down for that!

Well, that about wraps it up for this week. Want to join the Leftover Fun? Go see Danifred to check it out!


Jen said...

Sometimes I feel guilty about the nap, but it's not like I get one all the time. And come on, we're pregnant. Once upon a time I had the option of going to bed at 5pm if I liked!

Anonymous said...

My solution to the feeling guilty about napping dilemma: I set one day each week aside as the day I'm allowed to nap when the kids do. For me, it's usually Monday. Then I know I can sleep if I want/need it, but don't feel guilty because I know I'll do housework and other necessary things the rest of the week while they're sleeping.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I agree that it is harder to push the Swiffer with the reusable pads on it, but that just makes me think I am getting the floor cleaner. Think of it as extra scrubbing.

No, don't feel guilty about napping! I don't nap personally, but I use every single second of Elizabeth's nap time as my break time. I do my internet stuff then. Cleaning and housework is for when the baby is awake.

Rebecca said...

I threw my neck out drying my hair once too! It was horrible and I couldn't drive until I got help. I hope you get that resolved soon! I just napped for a little while, but I always wake up in a I missed something...I guess we'll call that guilt.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I too have been all about cleaning the bathroom this week. Weird. On that note, I think I need to acquire a Swiffer. Perhaps then I would do more cleaning in general.

I hope you get a PT appointment soon!

I wish I could nap when Harry napped, but I don't think work would like it if I slept at my desk from 1-4 every day :)

Jules said...

Yup, I have a hard time taking a nap when they do - just can't either shut off the brain or not get up to do whatever chore that I should be doing. (and then I wonder why I'm so tired.......hmmm)

Laura said...

I never feel bad about taking a nap with my Roo...of course it only happens on the weekends now. But when summer break rolls around I will certainly by napping with her and not feeling guilty.

Danifred said...

I never feel guilty about napping. Well, there was that one time... wait, nope, I'm mistaken. Nope, never.

I also have a jacked up neck. I sprained it snowboarding years ago. Every now and then it flares up, but luckily, it's not often.

Thanks for playing Leftovers this week :)