Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Boy and His Pillow

We went to Ikea yesterday, in search of shelving and the cool smock bibs they have. But of course, one never goes to Ikea "just" for what is on their list. They also go to buy some things that jump out at them as they browse through the maze (Side note: Does anyone else feel like a herded cattle when they go through Ikea?).

Of course, now that he is 18 months old, Will also sees things that he likes in stores, too. Usually, he is only temporarily interested in something and I will let him play with said object until we get to the end of our shopping trip. He isn't at the age yet where he throws a fit when we have to put it back. We just say, "Bye-bye [insert whatever thing he has been carting around]."

Well, yesterday, the thing that caught his eye was a $2 pillow.

He pointed to it with great excitement. It was very colorful, soft, and just his size. I handed it to him, thinking he would quickly bore of it and I could drop it off someplace else prior to hitting the register.

He grabbed that pillow, wrapped his arms around it, and then proceeded to hug and love on it through the rest of the store. He would lay his head down it and close his eyes. Several people stopped to ask me if he was really sleeping. He would pop up and say "hi" when they approached us, giving one lady a bit of a startle (which he thought was hilarious).

I am not sure what would have happened if I had tried to separate them. To be honest, I didn't even try. He got the pillow and hugged it all the way home. He can't quite say "pillow" - it comes out more as "pallob," but he said it quite a bit. And he slept for three hours with it during his afternoon nap.

Last night, when M put him down, he said that Will was really excited to see his pillow again and give it a hug. Has he finally found his transitional object?


Jen said...

Well if it makes him excited for his nap or bedtime, then I'd say it was well worth the $2!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh, it is so sweet that he picked out his own pillow and loves it so much.

Nicky said...

Very cute! Can I recommend, if he does grow attached to it as a transitional object, that you hurry back and buy a second one? Well worth the additional $2 to have a backup.

Rebel With.A.Cause said...

Aww, it is so funny that you mention this because Lauryn did just this exact same thing a week ago!! She now has a VERY neon blue, VERY fuzzy, Very soft, heart shaped pillow cuddling with her in the bed everynight. It is really amazing the things they fall in love with!!


Amy said...

Yep, 18 months is when Gav became one with his "night nights" and they are with him at every sleep time! So cute!

It is what it is said...

I just had to post because my son never really had a "lovey"...he just never got attached to any one thing (other than his thumb). At any rate, when he was about 2 we got him his first pillow (or as he would say then, "pelmo").
Fast forward to his first plane trip to New Jersey and his attachment to that pillow (which I picked up at Kohls). What was THE thing that the rental car company lost during our transit to the lot from the airport? Yep, that pillow! Thank g-d for Kohls as we were able to pick up an exact replica while on vacation.
Now, at almost 3 he loves his pillow...he must have it while brushing his teeth, when watching a DVD, when eating get the idea.
And, I wholeheartedly agree with Nicky, buy one or two more!

Rachel said...

Oh, I am jealous. The fusspot has yet to pick a "lovey" despite many fine offerings. And it would be nice to have something for when I have to go out at night or during naptime (those very rare occasions).

I second Nicky's suggestion to go back and pick up one or two more if this turns out to be it. And more than that, rotate all three through so that they are equally worn and thus interchangeable. Then you can leave one in the car, etc. and never find yourself short (especially come July when you'll be extra-distracted).

Danifred said...

What a sweet story and sweet boy!

Sunny said...

How sweet... it's so funny what strikes kids as comforting!

My son has several transitional objects (his binky and a Sleep Dog) but when he's awake he ALWAYS wants "mommy hairs." He grabs my hair and gently rubs it over his face. So strange! lol

Laura said...

So sweet! Did they have more than one? Always good to have a backup, or 4.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww! How precious. :)