Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

It's Friday, folks! Time for all the random thoughts in my head to get spilled into one post. Want to join the fun? Go see Danifred!

1. Thanks for "weighing in" (ha, ha) on my previous post. I agree that I am carrying the two babies very different. Will was the classic "basket ball" belly - high and out front. I felt all of his movement at the middle and top of my belly even in the very beginning. Emma is classic "watermelon," slung low against my hips. I feel all of her moves down low by my bikini line (though she is moving up a bit lately). So, from the back, I barely looked pregnant with Will at 22 weeks, but I feel like my hips, butt, and thighs are already showing the wear and tear of pregnancy this time around. And it's only gonna get worse. . . or better? I am finding myself more at ease with the changes that pregnancy is bringing to my body this time around. I think being in better shape and at a better weight prior to pregnancy has helped, as has the knowledge that my body will go back to it's pre-pregnancy weight. Now pre-pregnancy shape is another thing altogether, but I still fit pre-pregancy clothes about the same after about nine months. So, I am more relaxed, which is good, because there's not a darn thing I can do about it!

2) This week was classic Pacific Northwest early spring. We had a unbelievably gorgeous day on Wednesday with clear sunny skies and 70 degrees. Thursday, we were back in the rainy doldrums. I found the rain harder to deal with today than usual. It's kind of like when your baby starts to sleep through the night and then relapses. Just a taste of sleep or sun and it's hard to go back to sleepless nights and the drudgery of rain.

3) My hair gets really frizzy in the rain. I used to hate it when I was working outside the home and I was trying for that professional look. . . and ended up looking like an electrocuted poodle in a suit.

4) Will loves stickers. He is also quite fond of Elmo. I bought an Easter Egg decorating kit with Elmo and stickers. I had been thinking that he was too young for decorating eggs, but it was 79 cents and the combination of two of his favorite loves for a bargain price was too much to resist.

5) My parents are supposedly coming for a visit next week. I say supposedly, because it's my little brother's (though really, is "little" the appropriate word now that he is 17?) Spring Break and they were going to do a road trip to California. The weather didn't cooperate, so now they are going clamming on the coast and then "maybe" heading up here "sometime" next week. I really would like to see my parents, but this vagueness kind of bothers me. I wish they seemed more excited about seeing us. Ah, parents.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Jen said...

I am definitely carrying much lower the second time around too!

HereWeGoAJen said...

My hair gets unbelievably frizzy in the rain too. It drives me crazy.

Elizabeth got a sticker at Target yesterday. She was astounded. What was this round paper and why was it stuck to her hand?

Danifred said...

No friz or me, it's all stick straight and blah for me. Ick!

We have BIG fans of stickers over here. Thankfully, we've managed to keep them off the walls and windows!

Laura said...

We are going to try the egg dyeing with Roo this weekend. She may not care, but we're giving it a try.

Never thought of electrocuted poodle...I think I get that look often too.

I hope you get to see your parents!

Sunny said...

I think I pretty much carried the same with both pregnancies, besides obviously being much larger this time around. Not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that they are all boys?

Hope you are getting out to enjoy the beautiful weather today! Tomorrow isn't supposed to be as nice. :(

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. I love all the thoughts you share on here. I am in the RPL boat with you.