Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things To Do

So, I had a list of Things To Do Before Baby Comes with Will. However, I started* it about a month before his due date and he came two weeks early. So, I only had about two weeks to do everything on my list and it didn't all get done. The bad thing about not getting something checked off of your list before a newborn arrives is that it's probably not going to get done anytime soon. By the time the dust settles and you are able to think about tackling a To Do List, it has grown by a million things to do, and with 20 minute naps (your own and baby's), it takes awhile to tackle even the smallest of tasks.

In fact, some things on this To Do List are leftover from that very list that I started with Will! In the spirit to getting everything crossed off of the list this time (and yes, I know that's most likely impossible), I am going to start earlier. A side benefit of posting it here is that you, my lovely audience, can keep me accountable for getting these things done!

List of Things To Do Before Emma Rocks Our World**
- Reorganize Will's closet
- Organize linen closent
- Clean out freezer
- Make extra meals for freezer
- Empty out nursery
- Paint nursery
- Install organizer in nursery closet
- Organize master bedroom closet
- Reorganize small closet downstairs
- Get swing and bassinet down from garage storage
- Make "Willism" book for whoever watches him (daily schedule, meals, activity ideas, etc.)
- Purchase double stroller
- Sell single strollers on craigslist
- Hang bookshelves in playroom
- Tackle bedroom "hot spot" (which is already down to a very small pile, thanks to Fly Lady)
- Paint entry way
- Reorganize bottle/glass cupboard
- Carpets cleaned

*Actually, we had a list started and worked on for many months before that, but it was a mental list and I find that writing it down really accelerates getting things crossed off.

**List not necessarily in order of most important or the order in which I will do them, it's just what came/comes to mind.


Joy@WDDCH said...

You can do it! I remember my lists. Oh I was always so tired but almost everything got done. Love the Willism book! I just typed out a list for my girls but a "book" sounds cute! You'll have to share it with us. Daniel went home at night (when I gave birth) so our girls had some semblance of a normal routine. It was HARD on them for me to be gone. Next time I'm checking out early. I had the option but decided to stay at the hospital. Def. going home early next time.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I love using the internet for accountability. It works so well for me too.

Your list looks totally doable! Make sure you keep us updated.

peesticksandstones said...

Ooooh, I am just salivating reading this list. I love these kinds of tasks. I know I'm a nerd, but I am definitely enjoying all the constant re-organizing that's required as my baby grows and we put away stuff/make room for the new, etc. I seriously enjoy refilling the diaper caddy, folding blankets, rotating the toys, etc. Is this weird?

Please share this "Willism" book with us when you do it. It sounds like a fantastic idea -- and I would love to pick up some pointers.

Red said...

Good luck getting it all done, and good on you for starting before the second round of exhaustion sets in!

I am just the opposite - I had pretty much everything ticket off my pre-Champ to do list before I hit the seven month mark. Now with this bubba, I can see that I'll be doing it all last minute (despite my list being only a handful of items eg. get Champ's baby things from storage, put up curtains in Champ's new room).

Anonymous said...

Good for you! It's definitely a good idea to write it all out as I planned to put the crib together and make frozen meals--both of which never got done. Oh well. At least we unloaded the crib from the box. And there's always take out. ;) good luck with getting it all accomplished!

Danifred said...

To-do lists are my best friend and my nemisist all at once. I love having them, but they make me crazy.

I have a Tot, Bean, Dogs book that I use for whoever needs to come over, whenever, even if it's just for 5 minutes. It has all of our important numbers, information, allergies, likes & dislikes of everyone, our home address, phone #, etc. It stays in our pantry so I can always grab it if needed. I love using it!

Nicky said...

I had a list like that before LL was born, but the very first and most important thing on the list was "make to-do list for everyone else for after the baby is born." That list had lots of things that I knew I wouldn't have time for, plus a bunch of stuff on MY list that I ended up not finishing. It worked great, because the week after LL was born, I had a ton of relatives sitting around the house asking what they could do to help. I would just get out my list, and ask them what sounded good.

Anonymous said...

You might want to keep one of your single strollers (an umbrella one maybe?) for when Will is old enough that he's not riding in the stroller but you still want one for Emma.

Katie said...

Ooh, good idea, anonymous! Thanks!!!