Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Susie Who?

Still not really sure what this rash is/was, but the dose of Benedryl definitely calmed the itching. The rash is still there, but it hasn't spread farther, gotten more itchy or red, and I feel confident it's just one of those random pregnancy side effects. Thanks for the advice!

I bought fabric for Emma's nursery curtains today. I was having trouble finding the exact shade of raspberry that I wanted in pre-made curtains. It cost $30 in fabric, so I think that wasn't too bad of a price. I want to do a double curtain rod and do white sheers underneath. I am excited as the bits and pieces of the nursery come together.

I also bought a yard of patterned fleece to make Will a blanket. I let him pick and he chose airplanes (hardly a surprise). The blanket was super easy to make, no sewing required. I got the instructions through this video. It took me less than his nap time to make it, with plenty of breaks for a load of laundry here and a snack here.

Between a trip to the fabric store, a stop at the park to feed the ducks, and making a blanket, I am feeling all sorts of Susie Homemaker today. But my run ended with buying a Costco take n' bake pizza. A girl can only do so much!


PamalaLauren said...

I've made Kaylee two of those blankets so far. She picked the fabric on one and I did the other as a gift. She loves them, not sure why, but it works out you can never have too many blankets. I make full size throws though for her so we can use them longer (cause I'm all about being able to use crap longer). LOL!

I've become somewhat of a sewing freak with this newbie (not to say I haven't done so with my daughter as well). I have made a going home outfit, two blankets, four burp clothes and a crib sheet. I have about 3 yards of fabric left so I'm probably going to make Kaylee a matching dress to take pictures in with the baby. It won't be exactly the same because anything bigger than 3 months is hard, so I'll probably do a simple dress I know how to make.

Anyhow that blanket is cute and great for the winter months! Very warm.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Your take and bake is more Susie than our to-go pizza today, so you win there.

Awesome that you are doing so much sewing! It's fun to make things for babies.

Rebecca said...

We had some of those blankets for the twins and they are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the benadryl helped! Love that fabric--so cute! And Will is so handsome! :)

It is what it is said...

As a not-too-crafty mom I thank you for sharing this. My 3 yr old LOVES his pillow (wanting to take it ever.y.where!) and I'd like him to have a blanket he is also fond of (not trying to create a Linus situation tho).

The blankets from his youth are too small for my big boy and this will be a fun thing for us to do together (hmmm, not that in almost always sunny So CA he needs a blanket). None the less :)