Friday, January 4, 2008

Eww & Weird

I think my body has decided that it doesn't like being a pin cushion.

Yesterday, my husband gave me my PIO shot as normal. Well, it was normal, until about two seconds after he pulled the needle out and then he said, "Eww." For the record, Eww is not what a girl wants to hear when her husband is looking at her exposed bum.

Then, my husband started dabbing furiously at the injection site, saying, "This is weird."

Again, not what a lady wants to hear when her husband is looking at her bum.

I turned to scowl at him and he was still wiping the sore spot. He looked at me and said, "The medication is oozing back out."

Eww. That is weird.

It wasn't just a drop of medication, either, it was a lot. As soon as the clinic opened in the morning, I called the IVF coordinator and left a message. I wasn't sure if this was normal or if I would get enough of the progesterone in my system. I wondered if I should give myself a bigger dose, or perhaps supplement with suppositories. She called back at the end of the day and said that it was completely normal and that there was no need for extra medication.

I relayed the information to my husband, so we were prepared for this morning's injection. Except for there's really no way to fully prepare yourself for the syrupy PIO to come spilling back out at you - while the needle is still in your skin.

Double eww. Double weird.

In The Great Symptom Watch of 2008, I still don't feel much in the way of pregnant. I haven't been pregnant for over a year and that wasn't exactly the successful pregnancy that I should compare against. I remember my first moment of pregnant nausea came right about the six week mark, and even then, it was manageable and fleeting. I had moment kind of like that yesterday, where I started sweating and feeling just a tad rocky, but it was over and done with in moments. Other than that, I wouldn't say that I am having much in the way of morning sickness.

Strangely enough, despite all of the progesterone that we keep jamming in to my posterior, my breasts don't hurt. They aren't even that sensitive.

I am tired. Dead tired. Fall asleep on the couch at 7:30 every night tired. Yawn throughout the day and dream of taking a nap in my car tired. I think tired is good.

I have also been having some pretty vivid dreams. Two nights ago, I dreamt that something was wrong with my uterine lining, but when they did the ultrasound, the embryos were fine. So, they took the embryos out, scraped out my lining, replaced it with some sort of synthetic lining and then wanted me to put the embryos back in. Weird.

Last night was a dream of the rated R variety. And my husband was not in the co-starring role. For some reason, I always find those dreams the most disturbing. Here I am, having the man's child(ren), and I can't even be bothered to dream about him in a racy dream.

So, I guess it's a mixed bag of symptoms. Luckily, the pressure/cramping seems to have died down (although another friend of mine said that she had the exact same feelings in her first trimester) and I haven't had a drop of spotting.

Tuesday cannot come fast enough.


In Search of Morning Sickness said...

Gosh I'm SO LATE!!!!

I didn't read blogs the last 2 weeks of Dec while I was traveling all round and I find out you're PREGNANT!!!!

I know I'm late, but CONGRATS on IVF #1!!!

I know with your history it must be fearful for the future of this pregnancy, but I just pray and hope that being monitored so closely you'll be assured of a baby in the end.

I know it must just feel good to at leawst be pregnant!

BTW, I also had the medication leake out on a shot or two. It didn't seem like a TON compared to the 1cc I was injecting, but about 1/10 of a cc. I worried of course. But I guess you can just watch if it still keeps happening? Or have your P2 tested if you're worried?

Anonymous said...

You must just be so full of progesterone your body is sending out the excess. :) Ok, nice try Alison...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has racy dreams about someone other than j every once in a blue mooon. I always wake up feeling weird and guilty, like I choose to have those dreams or something.

Hopefully your body is just easing into the symptoms so you don't get blown over with them all at once. :)

Maria said...

Yuck and Weird is right. Now I'm really scared of the PIO shot. But that's good that it's normal and you wont have to do a bigger dose.

I always seem to racy dreams not starring my husband when I'm close to getting my period. I usually attribute it to all the extra hormones coursing through my veins.

Adriane said...

Funny post! Your dreams do sound very vivid!!!! I am having some odd ones, too. I love that people, other than me, have dreams which don't star their husbands. :-) Too funny!!

passingwindows said...

Thank you for your nice comment. I wish you good luck with this pregnancy and I'm holding thumbs for you as hard as I can.

I had crampy feelings in my first trimester and when I mentioned them to my acupuncturist, he showed me a drawing of the pelvic region and said, "You know it's making space and look how small it is." It didn't stop me worrying totally but it did help a little.

amy said...

I hated when the PIO leaked out....we found that it leaked a little less if he pushed the medication in a little slower. Hang in there!


Fertilize Me said...

oh that is weird - so sorry! I had a many of those dreams and I too felt alil guilty for not having myhusband play the co-staring role! sounds like all good symtoms on the symtpom watch!

Yoka said...

Maybe the pregnancy is producing enough progesterone already.

I am so hoping that the ultrasound next week will bring good news.

Gumby said...

Re: the shot... I read somewhere a while back about a technique for preventing that leaking. You (or hubby) gently pull the skin over to one side before putting the needle in, and pushing it a little slower maybe like amy suggested. Then when the shot is done and the needle is taken out, the skin is released and slips over the injection site in the muscle, basically forming a sort of barrier to keep it (or most of it) from seeping out. You might at least want to ask your nurse about it. I forgot what the technique was called but it was on a fellow IFer's site who I think was also a nurse. Hope that maybe helps. Oh, and you're alternating sides too, right (left cheek then right cheek)?
Also, I have the racy dreams not featuring hubby too. Usually they're starring Johnny Depp!! ;)

Polka Dot said...

I've had that happen, too. What's really off-setting is when you think it's ok and someone says "uh, you're bleeding" when you stand up. Because it's soaked through your undies and shorts. Embarrasing hah

Waiting Amy said...

Ugh with the PIO.

Thanks for stopping by and offering encouragement. I didn't realize our time line was so close! Hoping you are feeling well.

Counting down to u/s (I'm going the 7th)!

Debby said...

Each of my pregnancies have had totally different symptoms and I've now come to the conclusion that no matter what symptoms may or may not come, it means nothing about the health of the bambino. So don't stress about what you do or don't have and just let your body react the way it needs to with this little one. I'm crazy looking forward to Tuesday because of the obvious finding out of the gender her in VA...but I'm almost as excited for your u/s too and seeing how many beans you have growing and thumping in there!

Melissa said...

That is hilarious about your hubby's response to the "shot goo." Oh, the weird crap we do to get and stay pregnant, right?
I am glad to hear things are still going well and no spotting-naughty dreams never hurt anyone! LOL

tryingin2007 said...

I was just introduced to your blog. congratulations! I am also experiencing a new BFP and oozing progesterone (although mine oozes out with blood - sorry TMI.)

Yodasmistress said...

I have racy dreams just from O - lord knows what I'll be cooking up when I get pg! ;-)

chicklet said...

The medication backing out IS ew! I've never heard of that.

Yay on being tired - at least it's something to give you some sort of indication:-)

raceofourlives said...

Congrats on a sucessful cycle!! I really hope you get good news at your upcoming ultrasound! Reading around i get to see what i get to get used to with the meds..its really one of my biggest fears!! I know i have had vivid dreams of my DH with someone else and have woken up and smacked him hard! I hope you have a relaxing weekend!!


Anonymous said...

raceofourlives said...
Congrats on a sucessful cycle!! I really hope you get good news at your upcoming ultrasound! Reading around i get to see what i get to get used to with the meds..its really one of my biggest fears!! I know i have had vivid dreams of my DH with someone else and have woken up and smacked him hard! I hope you have a relaxing weekend!!


Mrs. Piggy said...

Oh yes...the R rated dreams...those were my fav, but those have died off now in the 2nd trimester :( My DH was rarely in the starring role...i liked it!
I had some very scary weird pains my first trimester too, and not one single day of nausea.

Searching said...

what gumby is talking about is the z-track method, and she described it perfectly. We use it for IM shots to keep the meds in. :) I bet you could find a youtube video on it but if you can't I can look up a diagram for you.

I had to do a double take because I didn't read the word "dream" and started to freak out. Whew, glad that wasn't real!!

Samantha said...

I remember after one of my PIO shots, it seemed okay, and I was standing up after the shot was bandaged when I felt this wetness on my rear... and this combination of oil and blood was just leaking out all over the place! Yuck! Fortunately, that never happened quite that bad again!