Friday, January 25, 2008


When one of my girlfriends was pregnant for the first time four years ago, I thought she was losing her mind.

Some examples and things that I still tease her about doing:

She went to work with black suit pants on - wearing the navy pinstripe jacket of another suit - and didn't realize it until she got home and her husband commented on it.

She got into the car to meet me for lunch one day, was talking to me on the phone while she drove there, but drove to the other side of down for a hair appointment that she didn't even have.

She went in for her first prenatal appointment, they gave her the cup to pee in, she went in, used the restroom, and forgot to pee in the cup. Perhaps not that bad, but she did it four months in a row!

These are just a few examples, I could keep going, but you get the idea.

Four years ago, I was not facing IF, so I was able to really get into her pregnancy. I planned a baby shower, took daily walks with her (we were also neighbors), and read her pregnancy magazines. It was while reading one such publication that I stumbled across an article, describing this exact condition. Turns out, it wasn't only my dear friend. It was such a widespread phenomenon that it even had a name - Dumbness Induced By Pregnancy Syndrome [aka DIPS].

Well, folks, DIPS seems to have struck me down. I went into the grocery store yesterday with a long list of "must haves." Even with the list, I left the store with only about half of what I had went there for.

My husband has had to ask me three times to print out my W2 form. That reminds me . . .

I am meticulous about my work calendar. In four years of doing my job, I have never no showed for an appointment. This week, I have no showed twice. For appointments clearly marked on my calendar.



Tracy said...

Yikes is right, girlie!

Sorry you have the DIPS, but I guess it's for a good cause...

I wish I had something to blame it on. ha ha...

Jen said...

I like the acronym, DIPS!

Kathy said...

My girlfriends and I have always referred to that as "placenta brain!" ;)

Maria said...

Uh Oh, DIPS rears it's ugly head.

Not to worry. Your pregnant and that's all that matters, everything else is easily forgotten.

Laura said...

How funny! I've never heard that term. All for a good reason. :)

Mrs. Piggy said...

Good ol' prego brain. So the only 3 meetings ive ever missed in my life
1) during my 1st pregnancy
2) during my 2nd
3) during my current :)

Anns said...

Funny, my pregnant coworker and I were just talking about this when in mid-conversation she forgot how old she was... and couldn't remember until we mathematically worked it out from her year of birth!

Glad to know this is commonplace because we're both becoming stupider and stupider as our pregnancies progress!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I saw this article today -- -- and thought of this post :)