Sunday, December 2, 2007

Watch This

After not speaking to each other nearly all morning, hubby gave me a big hug and that was pretty much the end of our fight. We don't take the "easy route" out of fights too often - usually, I don't let him off the hook that easily, and we have to "discuss" everything. But I wasn't up for any more fighting or discussing yesterday, so we let it go at the hug.

Last night, I asked him to watch me mix the medications and then be in the bathroom with me when I injected the medication. He didn't want to watch, but agreed to stand close. The Menopur really burned again last night and I bled again from the Follistim. He actually watched the second injection (after I cried a little over the first) and said that it looked really painful. I told him that the stick itself isn't bad, but the burning of the Menopur really gets me. It just seems a little unnatural putting all of this stuff into my body. I couldn't feel the Lupron going in, can't feel the Follistim, so it's easy to pretend I am just sticking an empty needle into myself. But when it feels as if I am injecting hot lava into my stomach, well, there is no pretending that it it isn't there. I better get used to this before the PIO shots - I know from everyone that those are awful.

Thank you for the lovely comments and support. This is tough and when I search on my favorite Dr. Google, I can't find too many personal stories about what it is like to go through IVF. Part of my reason for this blog was to help others feel less alone, so I am going to be very honest and detaileda about my reactions to the medications and feelings regarding this process. Now, I know I am just one crazy infertile and that my experiences are just mine, but at least someone else out there might stumble across this and think, "Wow, and I thought I was bad."


Prairie Girl said...

The injections are totally what scares me about IVF! But being able to read along with you is comforting in an odd way! I wish you much success in this venture Katie! Good luck!! =)

AwkwardMoments said...

I am sorry that the men shots burn so bad. The lovenox burns pretty bad .. I found ice to be a saving grace. I ice down the spot before the shot until its pretty numb, then inject VERY VERY super slowly, then ice again. It really has made a difference in the burning. I hope this tibit may help a little. give it a try if you think it will help.

Anonymous said...

The PIO doesn't burn. It might hurt after the injection, but it doesn't burn going in. See, it won't be that bad!

Geohde said...

You're not crazy in the least.



Polka Dot said...

Don't let anyone scare you about the PIO. yes, I heard how awful they were. But I didn't have any problems with them. None. Inject slowly and rub the area for a minute or so afterwards.

The only problem I ran into was that by the time I hit the beta, I was 4 weeks into IM injections between the repronex and PIO. So my ass looked (and felt) like a pin cushion gone awry.

Otherwise the PIO wasn't much at all. The repronex was worse for me (acidic, like the menpur).

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you are having such pain with those shots. Just keep in mind that it is all for the better good and maybe that'll help take the "sting" out of it.

Samantha said...

Good for hubby! You need hugs and he can give, so that's a least a kind way to get support.

I second Fertilize Me. Try ice before and after the shot to help with the burning.

Mel said...

Nothing like a little infertility to test a marriage, right?
Stay strong, you are almost there. You are in my prayers.

Tracy said...

You do get used to the shots. I remember the Menopur and Lovenox burning at first, but after a few days you either get used to it or relatively speaking, it's not as big of a deal anymore. Or maybe I was just lucky? And I went fast. Going slow didn't help me...but again, everybody is different.

Now, with the PIO. The best advice I received on that was to inject it slowly (allows the oil to dispurse) and use a heating pad before and after. I did that with the second cycle and it was a GODSEND.

You'll be fine...and it will ALL be worth it!


Searching said...

Ouch! I'm glad you are finding some ways to make the injections you can easier, although lovenox sounds awful!

Thanks for all your support and sweet comments. It really helps.

Kim said...

I'm sorry that the Menopur still stings... have you tried icing the area first?

Gumby said...

I might be brain farting right now but I'm not sure what PIO is. I'm guessing it's the IM injection to trigger ovulation? Anyway, as far as the IMs go I heard/was told to put an ice pack on the injection site for about 10 minutes before the shot. For receiving the shot, I lied on my bed with my toe pointed in (pigeon-toed) on the side I was getting the shot (in the rear).
I was actually pleasantly surprised because I had myself so worked up about how painful it would be (based on what I heard from a friend who went through it) that I was literally crying and I ended up really feeling nothing!
Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK! :)