Monday, December 3, 2007

Retrieval Results

I am pretty tired and kind of drugged, so I am going to make this a quick post.

23 eggs retrieved! Dr. M believes that we will get at least 13 mature eggs from the collection.

I have been having what I would call heavy spotting since the retrieval. Bright red blood with even a couple of small clots in it. Is this normal? Obviously, freaking out just a bit. I don't want all that nice, lush lining that I have been developing to go away!


A said...

Congrats on the great retrieval!

(sorry, no info to offer on the spotting.) I hope you feel back to yourself quickly!


Samantha said...

Those are great numbers! I always bleed a little after retrieval (you did have a big needle up there), but it usually cleared up in a couple of days. If you feel it's heavy or not ending, check with your doc.

BTW, your dates on your posts seem odd, and they are not showing up at the top of your blog.

Fertilize Me said...

Holy Egg makin machihne! Congrat to you - sending up all my wishes for the fert report ( and no more spotting)

Geohde said...

The bleeding is probably from where your vaginal wall was perforated in search of egg-ness, great number you got! Your lining is more than likely fine,



Anonymous said...

I think you must be part chicken! Congrats on the great count. I will cross my fingers for a great fert report.

As for the spotting, totally normal. Huge needle, poked into you = spotting, even with clots.