Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not Perfect, But I'll Take It!

Today's appointment went well and was actually pretty exciting. There were three surprises that I wasn't expecting.

I had my estradiol blood draw first. The person who drew my blood is great at the needle stick - I don't even feel it! I complimented him on his poking prowess and asked for some advice with the needles. He said the key is to go fast and "jab" it in, rather than go slowly, Also, he said to wait until the medication dries off the tip, especially with the more caustic drugs, like Menopur. He said that I could ice it, but that can make the blood clot faster and therefore, more bruising. The nurse also looked at my stomach and was surprised that I didn't have more bruising after almost three weeks of shots. She said that I looked "like a pro," and that one or two bruises are nothing to be concerned with.

The first surprise of the day was how much it hurt when I had the transvaginal ultrasound. I was actually worried because it hurt so much, but she said it is completely normal, especially with what we found in my ovaries. The left ovary has 11 follicles, with a size range from 8.9 to 13.3 mm. The right ovary has 9 follicles, with a size range of 8.3 to 12.2 mm. She thinks that all 20 will mature in time for retrieval. I haven't heard back with estradiol numbers, but she doesn't anticipate a problem with the follicle amount and size.

The second surprise of today is that given where I am for follicle count and size, Dr. M believes that retrieval could possibly be as early as Sunday - two days ahead of schedule. I really have fingers crossed for that, for two reasons: First, a few less days of stims. Secondly, I would have my beta on Christmas Eve. How wonderful would that be? Unless of course, it was a negative, but we aren't even going to examine that possibility right now. One stick at a time!

Dr. M didn't declare me "perfect," this time, but she said that everything looked "just fine." The IVF coordinator said that the size ranges looked "great." Another good day, keep 'em coming!

The third surprise was our discussion revolving around how many embryos to transfer. I had kind of planned that we would decide when we got to Day 5. If we had one good embryo that was already hatching, then I was thinking that we would transfer just one. My thought is that multiples increases the risk of pregnancy loss, which is our problem to begin with. I thought Dr. M was on the same page, but I was wrong.

Dr. M pretty much said that she would only recommend transferring two. She feels that with our history, she wouldn't do anything less. I guess it's just getting my head around the real and true possibility of twins. I love children and we want two, I guess I just love the baby phase so much, that I am sad it will be over so soon. Also, my friends with twins say that the really just "survive" the first year, rather than enjoy it. After all we have taken to get here, I just really want to be able to enjoy that newborn/infant stage. But I also know that if I see two heartbeats, I will fall in love and the extra work won't matter.

So, a few surprises, but all good.


Polka Dot said...

Yay for wonder ovaries! When do you go back for another check??

Anonymous said...

I think it all sounds great, even without the "perfect" tag. :) Twins always sounded like fun to me until I thought about the actual caretaking involved. It's too bad the doc is sounding so 2-or-none about the transfer. Crossing fingers for an early transfer, and an early beta. You can join me in the 2ww.

And thank you, as always, for your awesomely supportive comments, it means more than you know during my freakouts! :)

Searching said...

Sounds like a bunch of good news! Congrats!

Fertilize Me said...

well that's all great news. I think it sounds quite perfect myself!

Anonymous said...

Your ovaries are doing great!

chicklet said...

Wow, yay for your ovaries! Nicely done!

infertility just sucks said...

Wow! That is a whole lotta egg action going on!!

I am thrilled for you - beyond thrilled! What fabulous numbers.

I hear you on the twins thing - at this point I am in no way interested in anything that increases my risk factor even one hundredth of a percent. If I'm so lucky as to get pregnant I don't want anything working against me.

But you're not there yet - cross that bridge when it presents itself.

So happy for you!

Samantha said...

That sounds like everything is going according to plan!

Tracy said...

OMG! I'm practically in tears here!

First of all, great tips from the nurse. I hope that helps with your stim shots.

Secondly, WOWSA on the follies! What a great close range they are in, and so many! You'll have lots of mature eggs to choose from!

Could I put any more exclamation points in this comment?

Seriously, I am so excited for you. And I know twins can be scary, but you are right. You will love them and you will enjoy them, and all will be right with the world.

Have I mentioned I'm excited for you???

gracechild said...

sounds like you had a great day. i hope your christmas does come with extra special news. good luck with the retrieval

Yoka said...

I am so glad everything went well. And what a great follicle count!!! I only had 6 eggs the first two IVFs and only 3 the third time around, so 20 is a dream number.

I hold my thumbs crossed for further good news.

JJ said...

Oh this is great news! So glad things are going so well=)

jennifercarol said...

20 follies! Well of course your ovaries and the u/s hurt! I hope everything goes well for you from now through the transfer and beyond.

Geohde said...

Go those super ovaries. :)