Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The First Poke Is The Deepest

Well, I really got myself good last night. I am not sure what I did, but my Menopur shot hurt like a son of a you know what. Usually, the poke itself doesn't hurt, just the meds going in. Last night, the poke hurt and then of course, the meds felt like fire going into me. I started bruising about five seconds after the needle was out, so I know I did something wrong. The only thing I can figure is that I had some medication on the needle tip from checking the flow and that there was more than usual. Burned, burned, burned. I had to take a minute before I could attempt to inject the Follistim, but luckily, that went in nicely. I just finished my first cartridge!

I was definitely uncomfortable in the ovary region last night. It has gone from twinges and tweaks to more of a pulling sensation on the right side and an ache on the left and these dull cramps that kind of feel like AF is on her way (she had better not be). I had to drag out the ol' heating pad and crank that baby up. It actually didn't help much and I finally just went to bed early. This morning, I feel better, although I am starting to notice a bit of a bloat. I also find myself to be way more emotional. I am always a bit of a softie, but when I went to pick out an "anniversary" card for my husband, I ended up crying over the selection and unable to pick just one that expressed my feelings for him. It was actually kind of funny and I am glad that no one else chose to go down that aisle during my little outburst.

I have my first ultrasound check today to see how my ovaries are responding to the medications. PLEASE let this be another day of perfect. I can definitely feel something going on down there, now let's just hope it is the right amount of something.


Fertilize Me said...

rooting for more Perfect results. SOrry those shots are being mean to you

Melissa said...

praying for good results today!!!
can't wait for your update.
i am so sorry about those shots, i am so horrified of what happens if i make it that far in. you are STRONG!

Yoka said...

I wish you a perfect ultrasound. Please ask the doctor's office what you might be doing wrong with the shots. It is not supposed to hurt so much.

Samantha said...

I'm rooting for good results!

Although I knew things would get uncomfortable, I always found it sort of reassuring when I started to feel the follies growing. At least I knew things were moving in the right direction! Before retrieval, when it hurt to walk, and I felt everything shifting around in an uncomfortable manner each time I stood up or sat down, well, not so great. But still reassuring.

Anonymous said...

All crossables crossed for good u/s results! Can't wait to see them.

JJ said...

Sending you GOOD positive vibes for the ultrasound! Grow follies grow!

Tracy said...

I can't wait to hear the results of your US. Any chance we can get an update today?

I agree...the shots shouldn't be hurting you this much. Ask the Dr.

Keep us posted, girlie! xo

BrownEyedGirl said...

Good luck with your ultra sound! i hope it is perfect for you!!!

Polka Dot said...

Let us know as soon as you can! I'm hoping for another perfect ultrasound!

Geohde said...

You probably did nothing wrong with the shot. Sometimes you hit a tiny vessel or nerve ending and it just stings more. Impossible to predict!

I hope that your scan is good news,


Anonymous said...

I hate the shots that bruise. I hope the rest go smoothly.

Good luck with the scan.

Mrs. Piggy said...

Finally an ultrasound, yay!! update please :)
I took repronex and that did burn...its equivalent to menopaur I think
Maybe you got some air in the syringe, a couple bubbles? that happened to me once, bruised right away!