Thursday, December 6, 2007

Chugging Along

Well, another appointment that went well. It is starting to almost scare me that things are moving along so quickly. I am just not used to repeated good news in the IF world. I am grateful for it, don't get me wrong, I guess I am just waiting for the bad news and am pleasantly surprised when I seemed to have dodged the bullet.

The transvaginal cam didn't hurt as much going in today, but definitely felt a lot of pain when she was trying to get a good look at my ovaries and count those pesky follicles. I have one follicle at 16 mm and the rest are between 9 and 15 mm. I am a little worried about some of those laggers, but she said that the grouping in size is just fine. I guess I should learn to trust the experts. I really don't know what a "good" retrieval amount is. Most of my friends that have had successful pregnancies have upwards of 15 follicles, but one of my girlfriends that is about 7 weeks along only had 7 retrieved. Then again, she had a good fertilization rate and all five that fertilized made it to Day 5. I know it isn't necessarily the quantity, but rather the quality, but I also know that this is a numbers game. I am hoping to put some good numbers on the board.

I still don't know my estradiol numbers, but based on what she saw today, everything looks good and in order for a Sunday or Monday retrieval. It's getting scary exciting that it is so close.

Work is crazy and it seems I have been working harder this week and longer hours that usual. Of course, I am trying to get everything cleared up before transfer, which leaves me a little more than week (plus taking weekends and retrieval day into consideration, I really feel up against the clock). After transfer, I am going to take vacation that will have me out of work through the end of the year. I think that it will be good for me to do nothing but veg. In the meantime, however, I am lugging these huge ovaries around and it is tiring and slightly uncomfortable. I am definitely exhausted.

I am also trying to get ready for Christmas before transfer as well. I have almost all of our gifts purchased, but no wrapping done. I also have to ship some gifts, and those really need to get out ASAP.

Must be the hormones - I am feeling stressed!


Geohde said...

Those sizes sound pretty close to trigger.

And fwiw, I think that one clinic I looked at had good data that over seven eggs was their best prognosis category. Any more is a bonus, but it doesn't take as many as you think..


jenna sais quoi said...

Wow, super ovaries!

I think everyone feels stressed this time of year, although lugging around ovaries the size of grapefruits probably doesn't help.

Good Luck! The Man and I are thinking our best thoughts for you guys over here.

Anns said...

Christmas is just a stressful time of year, period and then lump ALL OF THIS onto it and I'm not surprised you're exhausted and looking forward to vegging.

Congrats on the continued great news!

Mel said...

Holidays=stress. Stinks!

Too bad lugging around those giganti-ovaries can't qualify as cardio, eh?

Cheers to all this playing out perfectly. I am jealous of your impending vacation!

Mrs. Shoes said...

My RE told us they aim for twelve as an average or median. About half of their patients have over that and half have below that.

Jen said...

Let's face it, with IVF and Christmas all in one month you've got a ton going on. Good luck with the juggling!

A'Dell said...

I've missed a couple of posts b/c I've been traveling for work but I am so glad to hear that things are going well. It makes me so happy to see my blog friends inching towards success.

It's like you always tell other girls though - "enjoy the BFP even if you have doubts."

YOU should enjoy this good news.

Enjoy that you're responding to the injections. Enjoy that your body is cooperating. Enjoy that you're getting good news and smiles from the medical community.

Live in the moment and love it. You deserve it.

AwkwardMoments said...

It's so great to be on the receiving end of good news! I know you gladly take it. Having the rest of the year off after transfer sounds like a superb idea. Lay around, watch movies, wrap gifts, enjoy christmas music... Your ovaries are carrying a ton of extra follies- good for you

Searching said...

Hope this is IT for you! GL with the presents.

Samantha said...

Your size range sounds good, only a few more days to go!

Yoka said...

I am glad everything is going so smoothly with this cycle for you. I hold my thumbs crossed for you.

Tracy said...

Nah, I think it's the time of year combined with what you're going through. I'm pretty stressed right now, too.

The numbers sound GREAT...I know what you mean about it being a numbers game, but it will be what it is, and worrying about it won't change a thing. If it did, we'd all be pregnant by now. And I'm SURE it will be fine.

(but I'm sitting here worrying about my donor's cycle, and she hasn't even started yet, so what do I know?)

Christy said...

Hey, you are doing a great job! Try not to get hung up on the day to day numbers and counts, because really they don't matter as long as your doc is still happy with how things are moving along. Just go with it, and enjoy the roller coaster ride!

Julie, Todd, Kate and Miles said...

I'm glad to hear that your first IVF cycle is going well!

Good luck with your retrieval this weekend! I'll be thinking of you!


Gumby said...

My RE said they like to see at least 6 eggs, so it sounds like you're in a good position!
Just try to think happy, positive thoughts of lots of embryos to transfer (I know it's hard - I've been there) and make your hubby take care of getting those gifts shipped! ;)
I'm sending lots of baby wishes your way.
baby... baby... baby... :)