Friday, May 7, 2010

Well, We Had A Good Run. . .

Will and M have been really sick this winter, trading one cold, sinus infection, and flu bug for another.

Last week, right before we left on our trip, I took Will to the pediatrician to follow up on his latest round of antibiotics for a double ear and sinus infection. For the first time since October, Will was "sick-free." No stuffies, no ears, no cough, no nothing. His doctor and I literally did a happy dance at this news. I had almost forgotten what non-sick Will was like and it was a joy to observe it. Most impressive, is his appetite when he is not sick! I have glimpses into his teenaged years.

On Monday, M started coughing (again) and had a fever. Tuesday, Will and I left for my parents' house and I was glad to be escaping the sick. M went to the doctor (finally) on Tuesday night and (finally) got some antibiotics and an inhaler. He stayed home from work on Thursday to try and (finally) get better.

Meanwhile. . .

My parents were in their element this week and Will was happy as a clam. I have written about some of my difficulties with my mom here before, but I have to say, she has really blossomed as a grandmother this past year. She delighted in making his favorite foods and buying him little toys and books at garage sales. My dad put in some of my old Raffi records and danced with him like he used to do with me, many, many years ago and took him to Home Depot to look at "boy" stuff. We took him to a park, out to dinner, and out to breakfast He was really well-behaved the whole week three days and enjoyed sleeping in "Mama bed" at night.

Then, this morning, he woke up with The Look that all parents know. My mom made him fresh blueberry pancakes and he took a bite, then was full. I felt his little forehead and knew there was a fever brewing. Sure enough, it was 101 and climbed to 103 quickly thereafter. The Sicks were back.

He coughed and sneezed the whole way home. His eyes are red and watery and he wanted nothing for lunch, snack, or dinner (except tea. . . have I mentioned that Will loves tea - decaf with milk. He calls it "Mama Tea".). M was glad to have his little guy home and they snuggled on the couch, my two Sickies, until it was time for Will to go to bed.

I am hoping that both of my men are feeling better soon. . . and that I escape this latest round.

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